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March 26, 2019

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I am an emerging artist Renu, signed as RK, who has spent more than 20 years in different countries and gathered the cultural knowledge along the way. I am a teacher by profession but since 2016, I have been following my passion for art along with teaching. I have adopted various different styles and techniques, but my favorite style is abstract expressionism where an artist can express the feelings in a wider perspective. My women empowerment series consists of five paintings out of which three were displayed at World art Dubai. Coming to Dubai, the vibrant city where more than 200 nationalities live in harmony has actually changed my life.

"The artist, RK, believes that fine art must have a wider platform to perform. And, it must be connected with other forms of art."


Group Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, August 2018

Solo Exhibition, Variety, Dubai, October 2018

Group exhibition in Dubai, January 2019

World Art Dubai, April 2019

Works by Artist RK