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Kim Oberoi

March 16, 2019

Buy paintings, artworks and home décor accessories on Online Art Gallery in Dubai UAE."Every piece of work by an artist, every stroke, every mark, is a work towards Redefining Infinity."- Kim Oberoi. A contemporary artist (hailing from India), based in Dubai over 13 years, Kim Oberoi is fundamentally a self taught painter and an international exhibitor (Germany, Beijing and Dubai) practicing arts from fauvism, tribal, gestural abstraction to monochromatic op art. Philosophical and spiritual by nature, as a, Reiki practitioner and healer, her work comes to life as a powerful form of expression and self healing, with an ability to elicit spiritual revelations creating a reality resulting in mystic energy flow, that directs her work. 

Kim Oberoi reflects her response to life, with its, life altering experiences with emphasis on concept and design aspect of every work, in a simultaneous flow, depicting consequential phases of her life.Over a period of time, her love for bold colors and circular movements have grown stronger, that define her now. 

Kim has exhibited in the below exhibitions:

- Exhibition Record GERMANY • ”Art & Integration In Tour”: Cristal Pavilion Gallery, Studio Artemisia, Reinbech, Germany, 7th-14th October 2013, Group Exhibition.

- CHINA • “New Nomads” World Tour: Dubai Art Fans, Times Art Museum Financial Centre, Beijing, China, 25th- 31st May 2014, Representing Dubai based contemporary artist, Group Exhibition.


“Healing with Nature”: w2w, (Women2Women), NAT Institute (Nature Art Trails Institute), Dubai, 1st Feb - 29th Feb 2020, Group Exhibition

“Summer Art Exhibition”: w2w, Al Ghuraire Centre, Dubai, 1st July- 14th July 2018, Group Exhibition

“Get Lit Awakening”: w2w, Dubai International Art Centre, Gallery 76, Dubai, 20th June- 28th June 2018

“The Hive”: w2w, Launch Event, The Hive, Dubai, 7th March 2015, Group Exhibition

“Warrior Walk”: w2w, Against The Tides, Dubai International Art Centre, Gallery 76, Dubai, 28th September- 4th October 2014, Support Breast Cancer, Group Exhibition

”The National Pride”: w2w, Art & Culture exhibition, Barjeel Guest house, Dubai, 29th November 2014, Live Art, Group Exhibition

”Green Art Festival”: Kobo Art, Heritage House Bastakiya, Dubai, 16th March - 16th April 2014, Group Exhibition

”Street Night Art”: Dubai Art Fans, Al Quoz Beautification Project, Al Quoz, Dubai, 24th January 2014, Live Art, Group Exhibition

“Impact Hub”: Dubai Art Fans, Impact Hub Opening, Souq Al Bahar, Dubai, 14th January 2014, Group Exhibition

”58th Annual Members Art Exhibition”: Dubai International Art Centre, Dubai, 9th - 25th November 2013, Group Exhibition

“Alliance Francaise”: Kobo Art, Dubai, 6th- 26th November 2013, Group Exhibition • “Project Paintography”: Media Mondays, officially revealed collaboration between Khalid Al Nuami Photographer and Artist Kim Oberoi, Amphitheater, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, 28th October 2013

”Light Up your End”: The walk JBR, Dubai property group, Dubai, 15th-18th October 2013, Group Exhibition

“Art Critic”: Dubai Art Fans, Dubai, 28th September 2013

”Against The Tides”: w2w, Ahmedia Art Gallery, Dubai, 11th-14th September 2013, Group Exhibition

”Exhibition Festoon”: Form Works Art Gallery, Dubai, 24-26th July 2013, Group Exhibition 

Kim Oberoi work