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March 14, 2019

Buy paintings, artworks and home décor accessories on Online Art Gallery in Dubai UAE.Maria Perevoshchikova is a contemporary artist specializing in abstract acrylic paintings. Maria was born in Russia in 1986, and developed passion for art at an early age. Maria attended and finished The South-Ural Fine Arts School, where she developed her understanding of line, form, color, composition, and art history. Maria believes in channeling her creative urges in order to share her philosophy, perception of life and produce unique artwork. Maria’s paintings feature vibrant colors in a dreamy abstract vision. After many years of traveling around the world, Maria settled in dynamic city of Dubai, UAE. Her signature style keep growing and evolving, reflecting the world around her.

Maria has participated in the below exhibitions:

- Women Art Exhibition, ArtHub, Abu Dhabi (03.2019)

- Oman International Art Fair, Muscat (03.2019)

- World Art Dubai (04.2019)

- Abstract Art Exhibition, Art Smiley , Dubai (06.2019)

- Year of Tolerance Art Exhibition, 2XL, Dubai (09.2019)

- Common Ground Art Exhibition, The Cube, Dubai (11.2019)

- Noon Art Awards, Sharjah (11.2019)

Works by Maria Perevoshchikova