Colors acrylic painting Artezaar

Niyati Pathak

March 13, 2019

Niyati Pathak artist profile Artezaar"Every piece of art is a master piece only if you can see the beauty in it"
I am Niyati Harsh Pathak; by academics, I am MBA in finance but by passion I am an artist and chef. Since childhood I have been drawing and painting and did various pots and bottle paintings in childhood. During my college days, I had organized various classes for kids painting, bottle painting and shoe painting. Now in UAE, I felt it's time to dedicate my whole soul and energy to my passion - Art. Art is gateway for me it gives me a peace of mind and a way to express my inner feelings in a beautiful way. Colors on a painting show my prospective to life. Painting is pious for me and helps me to channelize my inner strength in a positive way. I do abstract painting, glass bottle painting and shoe painting.

Niyati Pathak work