Omar Elbakary

Omar Elbakary

March 12, 2019

Omar albakary artezaar"To me, art is the process and state-of-mind of making it, not the outcome." says Omar. 
Omar is a self-taught artist, born and raised in Cairo-Egypt, with no mentionable history or proper art education. He strives to avoid clean drawing lines and he views art as a form of expression. He always prefer to finish a piece in one sitting, even if takes several consecutive days. Additionally, he conduct group painting sessions, inspired by Jackson Pollock, to encourage more people to get into the expressionist art movement without obsessing over the details. Currently residing in Dubai.

Omar has exhibited at:

- AJALA Artists for A Cause Exhibition, Dubai 2016 and 2017

- Live painting at World Art Dubai, Dubai 2017

- Live painting at the African Global Business Forum, hosted by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Dubai 2017

- Live painting at Adidas BYND72 Concept Store in D3, Dubai 2017


Omar Elbakary work