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Shareen Attavar

March 08, 2019

I loved clay since I was little, filling up my home with colorful curios made with Play-doh. They were inevitably crushed either by oblivious hands including my own or as I liked to believe then, my brother.. only so I could pick a fight with him and run to mom like any healthy sibling relationship.

Over the years I continued to make little clay figures, monsters, and  animals; anytime I needed to clear my head I craved clay in my hands. 

I moved to air dry clay and even though I didn't enjoy the texture as much as play-doh, the creations did live longer.

Ceramics was the natural progression . I find the entire process meditative, every piece is uniquely handcrafted as per my designs.

I take my time with every piece, and truly enjoy every minute of creation.

Under the pseudonym "The Ikigai project" I explore my love for clay.

Shareen Attavar work