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March 08, 2019

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I am a self taught Artist, Creative Graphic Designer and a professional Photographer. I have years of industry experience as Creative Art visualization professional and I have a positive outlook towards life and working hard towards achieving my dreams. I mostly do commissioned portrait work. I love using a lot of colors, different shape and texture in my work. I call myself as an realistic abstract artist since it gives me the freedom to express art. I still have a lot to explore and learn about art and my journey as a true artist has just begun and I am all excited about it since I don’t know what’s next. I started to build up my powers in, from my school time I began taking an interest in arts and designing. By the time I had mastered in drawing and painting, I dreamed of mastering artistic skills and becoming one of the top-rated Artist. Participating in art contests and facing extreme challenging works is one of my hobby.

Works by Sinjith Soman