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Cancel Culture

Ghia Haddad

Cancel Culture, and the use of media as a social justice tool to eliminate racists, predators, sexists, and supremacists from the conversation, will be one of this generation’s marked signatures. Whereas I grew up in an environment that tolerated destructive behavior from the privileged and the powerful, with the belief that what they contributed to society (talent, leadership, scientific or artistic contributions, inventions breakthroughs) somehow gave them a pass, this generation is declaring a categoric no. It’s drawing a red line between morality and power. You cross one, you automatically lose the other. Completely. No discussion, no chances, you’re erased. And while this polarizing issue is being passionately debated on every platform, history is literally being made. This generation is choosing to rid itself from anything rotten to rewrite the story of our humanity. They’re cleaning the house. I say power to them. Maybe what they build will be a better, simpler world than the tired and uneven one we are bequeathing them.

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NOTE: The image shown is a close up image of the Painting. The 2nd image shows the full painting, with the following images showcasing closeups of the artwork, detailing the work done by the artist.