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Who We Are

March 19, 2019

The Face Behind the Brand

 Leena Kewlani Teena Thawani CoFounders Artezaar

The Idea

Being artists ourselves, we love collaborating with fellow artists, and are proud that we understand their DNA.

It all started with a simple need and the right opportunity, with a mission – to build a community of flourishing and aspiring artists offering original artworks and actively engaging with the art ecosystem.

But we must confess, we’re just getting started!

The Making

We wanted to take each artist's voice and creation online and give them a platform to cohesively showcase their work with fellow artists, while also helping them to sell their artworks to art buyers and collectors, locally and globally.

The calling was strong, and our belief in what we were about to do even stronger. 

We decided to follow our passion and make the jump. 

We left our full-time jobs so we could focus all our energy in bringing this passion to life - we call it Artezaar.

We imagined that we would start off with a handful of fellow artists and their works. We are so proud and honored to be featuring close to 130+ artists with  over 1400+ art pieces in our Art & Shop.

Teena Thawani Buddha Artezaar

What inspires us?

Our artists are the soul of Artezaar, and our aim is to help them grow by connecting them to art buyers and opportunities. One of the best parts of our job is getting to meet these amazing people and see their beautiful creations and hear their story and thoughts about how different mediums, textures, colors, and variants were used in bringing that piece to reality.

For the art buyers & collectors, we understand that art is not something you just buy. Our artworks need to tell a story that connects to your life and home. An emotion needs to emerge from within you when you invest in a piece of work. The sense of pride of owning an art piece is unmatchable. 

This is what inspires us. What drives Artezaar. Come and join us in our world of art and creativity, and become a part of this rapidly bubbling art community.


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