"Reflections" Abstract Art Virtual Exhibition will be hosting 'Reflections', a one-of-a-kind 3D virtual art exhibition that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. This unique online art exhibition is going to be all about the wonderful world of abstract art.

Featured Artists: Abeer Loan, Benzie Fernandes, Huda Kidwai, Juveriya Mahadi, Karoline Denisha, Leena Kewlani, Mahum Shoaib, Mantosh Bhattacharya, Maria Aamer, Mina Dasani, Nuqra Khan, Ruchi Arora, Salwa Sheira, Sana Waqar Khan, Shereen Abraham, Smitashree Balaji, Sumedha Goel, and Thomas Lenz.

Experience the Art Exhibition on Our 3D Virtual Platform

This upcoming online art exhibition will be hosted using a 3D-virtual platform which allows visitors to browse through the paintings in a way that emulates strolling through a physical gallery in real life. You will be able to zoom in, zoom out and view the paintings from various angles in high resolution. Each painting will be accompanied by the artist’s description which allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the artwork. You can also purchase any of the paintings seen in this exhibition! 

What is Abstract Art?

Abstract art is a genre of art that does not attempt to represent or recreate visual reality. An abstract artist is not attempting to create realistic images of a specific subject. Instead, abstract art is concerned with the creation of an image that can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the viewer. An abstract artist creates a composition using shapes, colors, lines, textures and values that are not fully drawn from how things look in real life. Although the artist may use certain elements from everyday life in their piece (such as eyes, or the wing of a bird), the goal is to apply your own imaginative spin to the piece and create something that is not entirely based in reality.

The idea behind abstract art is to create something new that may or may not have an obvious connection to something we see in our everyday lives. The artist's skill lies in expressing concepts or ideas through shapes, forms and colors on canvas or paper without fully relying on recognizable objects as references for the viewers' understanding.

Enjoy these stunning works of art! 

Reflections Abstract art exhibition by Online Art Gallery in Dubai

This collection features a fantastically wide range of abstract artworks. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and has its own unique story behind it. Read on to find out more about this magical collection! 

Rusty Affair by Mahum Shoaib: This incredible painting combines rustic earth tones and textured strokes to evoke feelings of nature's warmth. Mahum was inspired by her love for the planet and environmental causes when creating this powerful piece. She has creatively used a palette knife to create extraordinary 3D texture and has utilized gold leaves to really make this work of art pop. 

Serenity by Abeer Loan: The soft beauty of a spring evening comes alive in this incredible twin acrylic painting. Abeer has used soft spring tones to create a lovely spring-esque background. The gold leaf accents add depth and vibrancy to this nature-inspired abstract piece. 

Reflections Abstract Art Virtual Online Exhibition on Online Art Gallery in Dubai

Ode to the Blues by Sana Waqar Khan: This whimsical abstract expressionist painting is all about embracing the blues, both physically as a color and metaphorically as emotions of sadness and melancholy. Sana has applied the paint using only palette knives and plastic paint spreaders rather than brushes to create layers of flat colors. The message of this painting is all about embracing the 'blues' of life - which means embracing any obstacles that life throws at you and trying to find beauty in the madness.

Portal by Thomas Lenz: This unique painting has been created using bright UV reflective colors which glow coming out of the deep blue background. The shapes are inspired by calligraphy although there is no specific lettering. Thomas enjoys creating abstract art as it allows him to focus more on design principals such as movement and rhythm. He also practices qigong and energy work; hence abstract art is the perfect means for him to channel his energy into art. 

Reflections Abstract Art Virtual Online Exhibition on Online Art Gallery in Dubai

Random Meanderings by Mina Dasani: Mina often finds that her paintings taking on an energy of their own as she progresses and this piece of artwork was no less. After painting her canvas a lovely golden hue, she began to apply mosaic pieces onto it. The mosaics started forming pathways and meandering towards each other. These pathways represent the human connections that so many of us longed for during the pandemic lockdown periods. 

3 Orbs by Karoline Denisha: The artist has cleverly played with color and shadow to create these 3 orbs that seem to be floating in the middle of a vibrant pink void. According to Karoline, the mysterious orbs are 'floating in their space, neither real nor unreal, touching yet not touching'. The abstract nature of this concept is conveyed perfectly by the abstract nature of the painting. 

Reflections Abstract Art Exhibition by Online Art Gallery in Dubai

Nightshade by Nuqra Khan: This is a fantastic floral abstract painting that is all about finding light when all seems dark and despondent. Nuqra was inspired by this profound quote when creating this piece: "It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light." - Aristotle Onassis. With many layers and washes, the bright abstract florals on the dark background represent the triumph of light during dark times. 


Meandering Thoughts 1 by Sumedha Goel: This painting is by the artist's meandering thoughts. Sumedha picked up her tools, let her thoughts meander and poured them onto the canvas, like they were chasing something or someone. She adopted a 'go-with-the-flow' approach and went where the paint took her, and the result was this fabulous abstract work of art. 

Reflections Abstract Art Virtual Online Exhibition on Online Art Gallery in Dubai

Untitled No. 6 by Juveriya Mahadi: This work of art explores the process of what happens when fire meets paper. Juveriya burns acid-free high density paper to create a range of effects from delicate thin lines to beautiful dark edges. Juveriya has created a complete series of burnt paper artworks. To create each burnt artwork she spends hours designing, cutting, folding, burning and gluing the paper to achieve the required depth and movement. 


Ideas within Opinions by Mantosh Bhattacharya: Inspired by bubble formation and the laws of fluid physics, the artist has created this piece to depict the concept of various opinions flowing and forming within a group. This is defined as a think tank. According to Mantosh, 'One must adopt his mind like a flowing water as being shapeless and without prejudice'.


Reflections Abstract Art Virtual Online Exhibition by Online Art Gallery in Dubai

Freedom by Salwa Sheira: This gorgeous work of art has been created on leather using pyrography techniques (burning ). The artwork consists of three rectangles which contain a group of horizontal and vertical geometric shapes. Salwa has achieved a striking balance in this artwork through thermal formation and emphasis on shadow and light. 

Dawn2Dusk by Smitashree Balaji: While creating this marvelous painting, the artist was inspired by this meaningful quote: "No sun outcasts its sunset, but will rise again and bring the dawn" - Maya Angelou. This beautiful abstract artwork portrays the important cycle of nature which is dusk to dawn and vice-versa. Smitashree has used a knife as well as brushstrokes to create striking texture and depth. 


Reflections Abstract art exhibition by Online Art Gallery in Dubai

Colorful Thoughts by Benzie Fernandes: This incredibly vibrant work of art is inspired by the artist's personal philosophy about life. According to Benzie, 'Life is rich and colorful, it gets very interesting and you have got to live life to the fullest'. This beautiful philosophy is reflected by her use of free-spirited swirls of color across the canvas. 


Pink Abstract by Leena Kewlani: This fantastic piece reflects the artist's love for spring. According to Leena, this painting represents the start of something new - new beginnings, new ideas and the blossoming of new experiences. The pink represents the joyful aura that is evoked by the season of spring, and the blues represent the awakening of our spirits as we embark on new journeys. 


Reflections Abstract art Online Art Exhibition by Online Art Gallery in Dubai

Aham Brahmasmi by Shereen Abraham: The words 'Aham Brahmasmi' refer to being in union with your higher self. In this amazing acrylic painting, the artist uses vibrant hues of blue, gold and green to depict her path to discovering her higher self. At the centre of the painting, Shereen has written 'Aham Brahmasmi' in Indian Devanagari scripture to portray how this philosophy is central to her life. 


Depth of Life by Ruchi Arora: In this thought-provoking acrylic painting, the artist draw inspiration from the ocean -  how it is so calm at the bottom but always has waves on the surface, much like life itself. Ruchi has creatively used textured knife strokes and lovely hues of blues and greens in this captivating piece. 

Island by Huda Kidwai: The artist has used acrylic and heavy texture on this canvas to create an amazing piece that is both a seascape and a landscape. On one  side this piece shows the flow of water and on the other side is the rough land with stones. Huda has used fluid art techniques to beautifully recreate the organic flow of waves. 

Reflections Art exhibition on Online Art Gallery in Dubai

Kaleidoscope 1 by Maria Aamer: The artist's philosophy is that we should live life to the fullest and make it as beautiful as a kaleidoscope of colors. This is what this beautiful painting is all about. Each color in this piece represents a different positive emotion: blue for calmness, white for peace, orange for hope and green for prosperity. 

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Blog post written by Guest Blogger Shreya Alagramam 

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