Earth Tales - Virtual Online Art Exhibition

The natural world has always been an immense source of inspiration for artists. We often see elements of mother nature beautifully captured in paintings, sculptures, photographs and more. Indeed, nature is the leading theme in art galleries and museums all over the world. Even early cave paintings show that we as humans have always been fascinated with the magnificent beauty of planet earth.

To celebrate and nourish this special connection that we all have with mother nature, is hosting a virtual art exhibition – Earth Tales. 

This online art exhibition was hosted using a 3D-virtual platform which allows visitors to browse through the paintings in a way that emulates strolling through a physical gallery in real life. Visitors will be able to zoom in, zoom out and view the paintings from various angles in high resolution. Each painting will be accompanied by the artist’s description which allows viewers to gain a deeper understanding of the artwork.

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Participating Artists:  Alia Amin Abdulkarim, Alex Tharyan, Amruta Ketkar, Bhavna Sharma, Huda Kidwai, Kavita Sriram, Kurshid Yakub, Leena Kewlani, Maria Munteanu, Mina Dasani, Ruchi Arora, Sana Waqar Khan, Shilpika Ponnappa and Sumedha Goel. 


The Withering Garden by Sana Waqar Khan

This unique abstract painting depicts how changing seasons can be symbolic of the cycles of life and death. The artist uses vibrant shades of pink and red to represent the beauty of spring flowers as well as the human body which is largely composed of flesh and blood. These shades of pink are contrasted against a stark black which is symbolic of death and decay. Acrylic paints have been applied using only palette knives and plastic paint spreaders rather than brushes to create layers on a base of black chalk paint.

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Sunset by Bhawna Sharma

“There’s always a sunrise and always a sunset and it’s up to you to choose to be there for it. I’ve never met a sunset I didn’t like.” This is the artist Bhawna’s personal approach towards life and is what inspired this gorgeous glass painting. This lovely work of art depicts a soft sunset against the ocean surrounded by magnificent mountains – mother nature’s glorious beauty at its finest. According to the artist, sunsets represent hope because they always promise a new dawn. The beauty of this painting coupled with the beauty of this message makes it a truly thought-provoking piece.

Valley of Flowers by Kavita Sriram

Kavita is an avid gardener whose love for flowers gave rise to this artwork. This vivid oil painting was inspired by the Valley of Flowers National Park. This is a famous national park in India that is known for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers and its exotic variety of flora & fauna. Trekking through this park is like entering a floral fairy-tale dream. The artist has attempted to capture this experience on canvas.

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Reaching for The Stars by Mina Dasani

This stunning acrylic painting portrays beautifully winding tree branches against a soft blue sky. The simplicity of the colors and textures in this painting conveys a sense of calmness. The artist frequently draws inspiration from the peaceful Zen that nature evokes in us, and this painting is an ode to those relaxing feelings. The artist hopes to evoke the same feelings of relaxation and Zen in the viewer

Butterfly Landscape by Leena Kewlani

Inspired by the artist’s own travel photography, this lovely oil painting was created using palette knives. This abstract artwork depicts a flurry of butterflies in motion amongst a bed of flowers. Butterflies are symbols of transformation. They symbolize spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope, and life. The artist uses green and blue in this piece as these are colors of nature that represent the ocean and forest. The artist aimed to convey the beauty and profound symbolism of mother nature through this work.

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Tropical Tranquility by Shilpika Ponappa

A wonderful portrayal of Buddha meditating amongst tropical flora, this acrylic painting is truly the epitome of tranquility. Buddha is known all over the world as a figure that represents peace and Zen. Mother nature is also a well-known symbol of tranquility and love. This work of art beautifully combines these two symbols to create a powerful synergy. The artist uses a variety of bold colors on a stark black background which gives this piece an alluring depth.

Meandering Thoughts II by Sumedha Goel

While creating this painting that is filled with gorgeous shades of green, Sumedha was reflecting upon all of her magical moments with nature. For instance, going on an evening walk, watching the sun drowning in the horizon, taking in the scent of Earth when it rains, watching a dancing blade of grass in the wind, hearing the thundering sound of the sea when it hits the shore and many other such moments. These moments inspired her to pick up her tools and pour her thoughts onto this canvas.

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Cottage on the Mountains by Alia Amin Abdulkarim

This artwork was inspired by Alia’s visit to Switzerland during the cold snowy season. It was so beautiful and scenic that the artist immediately decided to capture the scenery on canvas. When creating this piece, the artist wanted the viewer to be able to look at it and appreciate the experience of being in an isolated pocket of nature where one can disconnect from the bustle of city life. Through this painting, the artist hopes to convey the tranquil beauty of nature.

Peaceful Land by Maria Munteanu

The idea of this artwork is to represent the strong connection between humans and the earth. According to Maria, “As children of the earth, we get so many things from this paradise”. She is passionate about environmental conservation and wants to teach everyone that we must value our planet. The barren trees in this painting represent the damage that we humans have inflicted upon the earth. On the other hand, the earth itself is depicted using a variety of stunning bright colors and patterns. This is to convey that there is still hope and that we can indeed heal our planet if we begin to take the right measures.

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Ocean by Huda Kidwai

Frequently drawing inspiration from the vast oceans and seas of our planet, Huda has created this incredibly unique work of art using a variety of techniques. This piece is both a seascape and a landscape at the same time. On one side, the artist has depicted the flow of water using lovely blue hues and fluid art techniques. On the other side, she has used texture to represent the rough, stony land of a beach. She hopes to convey the beauty of our planet through this piece.

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Tenacious Bearings by Kurshid Yakub

The forces of nature are often strong and unyielding. This stunning painting of a magnificent cliff is symbolic of nature’s strength and glory. Despite the changing elements and harsh weather, the cliff stands tall and proud. Through this painting, the artist hopes to convey that a strong spirit and bold attitude can help you face any challenge that comes your way.

Ravine at Sunset by Alex Tharyan

“Light plays a magical role in our worlds”, according to Alex. He has tried to capture this very magic in this charming acrylic painting. Various shades of yellow, orange, purple and red dance together in this stunning work of art to recreate the soft beauty of a sunset. Through this painting, the artist hopes to immerse the viewer in a dreamy sunset fantasy.

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The Purple Sunset by Amruta Ketkar

Farm-fresh produce is what inspired this wonderfully vivid piece. The artist was chopping a purple cabbage along with other colourful vegetables for a salad. The lovely colors and the fact that all of that beautiful fresh produce came from Mother Earth’s generous soil inspired the artist to create this painting. The form of the painting is inspired by the shape of a cabbage and its multiple layers. Additionally, Amruta has kept sustainability in mind while creating this piece – she reused an old canvas, created the waves using discarded packing paper and used old carton pieces to create the boats.

Untethered by Ruchi Arora

The literal meaning of being ‘Untethered’ is that you are not physically tied, connected or fastened to anything. This acrylic painting draws upon that using the analogy of human life and the free soul. The subject lies bare-bodied on a fresh bed of grass in a vast meadow with the company of no one but her silent inner voice. The solace that one can find by simply being amongst nature is truly incredible. This piece attempts to recreate and capture nature’s deep solace.

Appreciate Nature, Go Green!

We live in the era of fast-paced concrete jungles; it’s more important now than ever to take time to slow down and get in touch with our human side. There is no better way to do this than to reconnect with nature! We hope you enjoy this nature-themed exhibition and are inspired to spend more time amongst nature while being more mindful of your impact on this gorgeous planet!

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Blog post written by Guest Blogger Shreya Alagramam 

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