Art Exhibition Celebrating Love & Life

Ever since the dawn of time, we as humankind have used art as a conduit for our emotions, hopes and dreams. In the words of W. Edward Brown, 'The artist has one function - to affirm and glorify life'.

Featured Artists: Afshan Nawaz Khan (13 years), Alia Amin, Divya Singla, Gina Molet, Jivan Hovhannisyan, Kavita Sriram, Leena Kewlani, Maram Bahaa, Mina Dasani, Rafah Abdulrazzak, Ramya Nair, Renuka Sanjeev, Safarty, Smriti Sinha, Varna Vinoth ((9 years) and Victoria Bodiu. 

To celebrate the deep connection that we share with art, Reem Gallery and are hosting an art exhibition on the theme of 'Love and Life'. This exhibition will run from 11th to 24th February 2023. The artworks will be displayed both at Reem Gallery's venue in Jumeirah and at's website as a 3D virtual exhibition.

Click the image below to view the 3D virtual exhibition.

Love & life Art Exhibition | Virtual Online Art Exhibition | Art Gallery Dubai

This unique art exhibition showcases works by various artists exploring the universal concepts of love and life through different mediums such as watercolors, acrylics, oil paints and more. The pieces on display are diverse in their interpretation and representation of love and life. Some of the pieces depict romantic love, such as ‘Illuminate’ by Safarty, ‘Raja Rani’ by Divya Singla, ‘Serenity’ by Renuka Sanjeev and ‘Soulmates’ by Leena Kewlani. Each of these paintings portrays the artist’s own unique and beautiful take on romantic love. Other paintings in this diverse exhibition depict familial love. ‘The Penguin Family’ by Ramya Nair and ‘Motherhood’ by Rafah Abdulrazzak are both stunning artistic portrayals of the warm love of family.

Love and Life Art Exhibition | art Gallery DubaiThere are also many scenic paintings in this exhibition that pay homage to Mother Nature and her formidable beauty, ranging from paintings of lush landscapes to depictions of the majestic animal kingdom.  ‘Flores’ by Gina Molet, ‘Untamed Hearts’ by Victoria Bodiu, ‘Forwardness’ by Jivan Hovhannisyan, ‘Mayura’ by Kavita Sriram, and ‘Nature Beckons’ by Mina Dasani are all fabulous artistic interpretations of nature’s magnificent glory.

Indeed, this exhibition also showcases a variety of paintings that are deeply thought-provoking. ‘Bella Monochromia’ by Smriti Sinha and ‘Maah e Noor’ by Alia Amin Abdulkarim are incredible art pieces that encourage the viewer to think about the multifaceted experience of womanhood. Other paintings encourage the viewer to reflect on the state of our world today, such as ‘Cut Me Another Slice’ and ‘Listen to the Sound of Nature’ by Maram Bahaa. Indeed, this exhibition is not only a visual feast but is also filled with fantastic food for thought. Moreover, our exhibition also features gorgeous artworks by two incredibly talented young children! Afshan Nawaz Khan (13 yrs) and Varna Vinoth (9 yrs) are both talented beyond their years, and their artworks exude a certain magical charm.

Love and Life Art Exhibition | art Gallery DubaiVisitors can expect to see a range of styles, from realism to abstract, each with its own unique take on the themes of love and life. The exhibition creates a space for reflection and introspection, allowing visitors to consider their own experiences with love and life. Overall, the "Love and Life" exhibition is a powerful and emotional journey through the human experience, and we invite you to embark on this journey.

Visit Reem Art Gallery, Jumeirah on Saturday, 11th February from 5:00-7:00 PM to attend the official opening night of ‘Love and Life’. The paintings will remain on display till 24th February 2023, and you can visit Reem Gallery from Saturdays to Thursdays 11 am to 6 pm to view the artworks.  You can also view the paintings online through our virtual gallery. 

Click the link below to view the virtual online exhibition.

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