Vinayaka, Virtual Online Art Exhibition's artists have come together to celebrate the festival of Ganesha! This virtual online art exhibition will run from 21st August 2022 to 10th September 2022. 

The Festival of Ganesha:

Vinayaka Ganesha Art Exhibition | Online Art Gallery Dubai | Buy Ganpati PaintingsThis exhibition celebrates the annual festival of Ganesha through artistic expression. This festival is commonly known as ‘Vinayaka Chathurthi’ or ‘Ganesh Chathurthi’ and it is celebrated all across India. It is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Ganesha and is one of the most popular festivals in India.

Featured Artists: Amruta Ketkar, Gomathi Shiva, Kanika Manwani, Kavita Sriram, Krishnakumar Nair, Mina Dasani, Ramya Nair, Renuka Sanjeev, Ruchi Arora, Shobha Shankar Iyer, Shweta Sawant and Tejal Shinde. 

This online art exhibition is hosted using a 3D-virtual platform which allows visitors to browse through the paintings in a way that emulates strolling through a physical gallery in real life. You can zoom in, zoom out and view the paintings from various angles in high resolution. Each painting is accompanied by the artist’s description which allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the artwork. You can directly click and add any of the paintings in the virtual exhibition to your cart. Just click on the video below to see the exhibition

Artistic Portrayals of Ganpati

Vinayaka Ganesha Art Exhibition | Online Art Gallery Dubai | Buy Ganpati Paintings

There are many modern artistic portrayals of Ganesha created by contemporary artists. These portrayals still keep the key features of Ganesha but transform the overall image by giving it a more modern aesthetic and contemporary spin. For instance, abstract portrayals of Ganesha are becoming more common with the increasing popularity of abstract style artwork. 

One stunning example of an abstract style Ganesha is Ruchi Arora’s painting titled ‘Sumukha – Lord of the Ganas’. In this acrylic painting, the artist has utilized simple lines and curves paired with vivid bursts of color to create a lovely silhouette of Ganpati. This lends a really modern feel to this work of art. And yet, we still see nods to the traditional Ganesha elements such as his signature elephant head and trunk along with his trident.

Vinayaka Ganesha Art Exhibition | Online Art Gallery Dubai | Buy Ganpati PaintingsShobha Shankar Iyer's has created her Ganeshas' using the traditional Kerala Mural technique, and the outcome is just breathtaking. The intricacy of her work is evident in both 'Taruna Ganesha' and 'Ucchita Ganesha'. 

 There are really no hard and fast rules about how an artist may choose to portray Ganesha in their work. Kavita Sriram’s portrayal of Ganesha in her wonderful painting ‘Ashrith’, for instance, is incredibly creative. She made the painting pop by using brightly colored sequins to show Ganesha’s jewellery. This coupled with the use of texture paste to create layers truly gives the painting a beautiful 3D look.

Vinayaka Ganesha Art Exhibition | Online Art Gallery Dubai | Buy Ganpati Paintings

Mina Dasani's 'Ganeshji, The Expert Harmonium Musician and Expert Manjira Musician', are stunning pieces of work. Mina has used doodles, her roaming imagination, textured paper, and joy in her heart to create these forms of Ganesha. 

In Shweta Sawant's Ganesha "Embodiment Of Infinity", she showcases how Lord Ganesha is undoubtedly the true Master of All – a patron of arts and sciences, an excellent dancer, a skilled warrior, a sensitive poet, and so many things, and truly a master in each and everything. 

Amruta Ketkar showcases the positivity she feels each time she does anything new in her artwork 'Worshipping The Remover Of Obstacles - Ganesha'.  Ramya Nair's faith in Ganesha removing all obstacles is depicted in her colorful artwork 'Vinayaka'. Kanika Manwani uses only blues to highlight the love, positivity and simplicity of her 'Blue Ganesha'. 

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There is Gomathi Shiva's 'Ameya', which portrays a few mystical relics of Southern India. Ganesha, seated magnificently on a conch surrounded by rare rudraksh that is available only in the Himalayas.

Renuka Sanjeev wanted to bring out the brilliance of Ganesha in her painting 'Shree Ganesha. She says "This time my work is on Lord Ganesha whose brilliance is equal to billions of suns in intensity. This painting of Ganesha is very close to my heart and nothing makes me so happy as to observe my own creativity. I have put life and depth on this work with texture ,clay and very minimal colors. I have used oil, acrylic, clay and plaster of Paris to define each and every element of this work. My focus was on giving perfection to Lord’s eyes."

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Tejal Shinde's painting monochrome painting 'Vitthal Avatar brings to life a story about Lord Ganesha. "Vitthal is Lord Vishnu, Loving addressed a Vitthoba in marathi culture. A dark boy standing with the unique Makara-Kundala( Fish shaped earrings). Legends has it that a poor fisherman had nothing to offer but a fresh catch of fish, all he had of the days work. The temple priest did not approve and asked him to leave. He waited and his true devotional call to Vitthal was answered when Vitthal accepted his offering and wore it as ornaments as dear to him. The earrings stands testimony to what a person can achieve with sheer love and devotion.", says Tejal. 

‘Vinayaka – The Vigna Harta’ by Krishnakumar Nair is a wonderful traditional depiction of Ganesha. This gorgeous acrylic painting showcases Ganesha with all of his traditional symbolism such as his favorite sweet known as ‘Modhak’, his broken tusk, his weapons and his trusty mouse-companion known as Mooshak. 

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Blog post written by Guest Blogger Shreya Alagramam

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