One of the best Abstract Artists in our region, an inspiring mentor and the Chairperson of Dubai International Art Centre - just a few words to introduce our Featured Artist: Diyali Sen Bhalla.

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About Diyali

Born in India and currently based in Dubai, UAE, Diyali is a visual artist and illustrator. Life inspires Diyali to create art, just as art inspires the way she lives her life. For Diyali, art is a therapeutic means of self-discovery. By expressing herself on canvas, Diyali is able to reflect deeper within herself to learn and grow as a human being. Diyali specializes in creating stunning abstract art. As an artist, she celebrates the beauty of life through the abstract human form, gestures, movements and emotions. Her work is a deeply personal expression of the human condition as it evolves in the context of modern life.

Although Diyali works with a variety of traditional mediums such as acrylics, oils and inks, she is incredibly passionate about using everyday items in her art. Used tea bags, discarded scraps of fabric, twigs, and threads are just a few examples of items that Diyali upcycles into beautiful works of art. Sustainability is a cause that is extremely close to Diyali’s heart, and through her art, she hopes to encourage people to do their part for our environment. Diyali strongly believes that art is just as much about getting to know oneself as it is about empowering others. Through her artworks, she hopes to provoke thought and inspire people.

Diyali believes that everyone can benefit from engaging in the creation of art in any way, shape or form. This is why she enjoys conducting workshops where she can share her knowledge and love for art with others. From collaborative art therapy classes to energy workshops, Diyali has conducted a variety of sessions where she has coached and inspired people to find their inner artists. According to Diyali, art can be a great tool to enact positive change in people’s lives. Hence, she uses her artistry to champion a variety of key causes.  She has made exclusive artworks that have been auctioned to raise money for causes such as fighting breast cancer and helping people of determination. Her work has been auctioned at prestigious institutes such as Christie’s Auction House at the Raffles Hotel in Dubai.

Indeed, Diyali is an incredibly accomplished and talented artist. Her works have been showcased at over 70 major exhibitions across UAE, India and Italy. By profession, Diyali is a fashion designer. Her lovely fashion illustrations have even been featured in Vogue Arabia. She also currently serves as the Chairperson of Dubai International Art Centre which is one of the oldest and most prestigious art institutes in Dubai. These are just a few of Diyali’s amazing accomplishments in the art world.

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Diyali Bhalla
The Cosmos Within
90 CM H x 190 CM W
Regular price Dhs. 12,000.00
    Diyali Bhalla
    Breaking through
    100 CM H x 100 CM W
    Regular price Dhs. 11,475.00
      Diyali Bhalla
      We Are The Universe
      100 CM H x 80 CM W
      Regular price Dhs. 10,125.00
        Diyali Bhalla
        My Pink Dreams 2
        52 cm H x 52 cm W
        Regular price Dhs. 2,700.00
          Diyali Bhalla
          My Pink Dreams 1
          52 cm H x 52 cm W
          Regular price Dhs. 2,700.00
            Diyali Bhalla
            49 cm H x 52 cm W
            Regular price Dhs. 2,700.00
              Diyali Bhalla
              41 cm H x 32 cm W
              Regular price Dhs. 2,025.00
                Diyali Bhalla
                Mystical Garden
                100 cm h x 70 cm w
                Regular price Dhs. 6,000.00
                  Diyali Bhalla
                  24 cm H x 24 cm W
                  Regular price Dhs. 3,780.00

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