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We often think of art as something we leave behind in our grade school classrooms. The truth is, however, that even if you as an adult have not chosen a dedicated career in art, you can still benefit from having art in your life in some form. Research shows that making art can actually reduce your stress levels! In this day and age where everything is fast-paced and productivity-oriented, we could all sure use a way to calm ourselves down and just breathe. Here are 5 reasons why adults need to incorporate art into their lives:

5 Reasons Why Adults need art. Online Art Gallery Dubai UAE

1. Creating Art is Therapeutic:

Creating art just as a means to reduce stress and to relax is often referred to as ‘art therapy’. Multiple research studies have shown that engaging in art activities reduces our stress levels. One particular study by Drexel University demonstrated that just 45 minutes of creating art helped to reduce the levels of stress hormones in our bodies. The best part about using art therapy to destress is that you have a wide variety of options to choose from. When the word ‘art’ is mentioned, most people simply picture paintbrushes and paper. However, there are so many different forms of art that there is something for everyone to enjoy! If you are looking for something more tactile, you could try your hand at clay hand-building, pottery and origami. If you want to try something relatively new and non-traditional, you could opt for digital art where you can create stunning illustrations & artworks using just a tablet and a stylus. If you want to work with paint, you have so many types to choose from including acrylic painting, watercolor painting, oil painting, glass painting, fabric painting and more! Even within sketching, you have different mediums and styles such as charcoal sketching, urban sketching, caricature sketching, etc. The options are truly endless!

2. Looking at Art can improve your health:

Scientists have proven that even just looking at artwork can make you healthier! Researchers in Norway conducted a study where they found that people who spent time viewing art in galleries and museums reported higher rates of good health, were overall more satisfied with life and were less likely to experience depression or anxiety. So, it’s clear that we can benefit by simply having art around us in our homes and offices. Indeed, artworks are the perfect way to add some personality and depth to your living space to make it feel more ‘you’. You can choose to decorate your space with artworks that tell your story and express values that are important to you. Art is important from an interior design perspective too since artworks can add some much-needed texture and warmth to a room. Check out some amazing artworks and paintings here!

5 reasons why Adults need Art in their lives. Online Art Gallery Dubai UAE

3. Art expands your thinking and analysis skills:

Part of making art is thinking creatively and outside of the box. Creating any form of art involves trying to imagine what shapes, colors, textures and other visual elements complement each other to try and convey a particular message. Your mind attempts to visualize all the different possibilities to choose what best serves the purpose. This process improves your critical thinking skills and allows you to become a better decision-maker. Art also allows you to become more attentive and keener at observing what is around you. This is because creating a painting, sketch or any other work of art involves focusing on how every single detail, no matter how small, can affect the final result. This fine-tunes your capacity for observation and attention to detail.

4. Art can improve your memory: 

There is substantial research to show that engaging in art improves memory and cognitive function. Indeed, patients with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia are often encouraged to create art. Many living facilities for people with these diseases offer art therapy programs, since creating art has been shown to reduce their symptoms and provide them with a better quality of life. This is because creating art stimulates their brains and requires them to exercise attention and thinking. The emotional nature of art even has the power to bring back long-forgotten memories in patients with these diseases. There is also research to show that drawing something helps you memorize it much better. You might have experienced this phenomenon if you ever tried to draw diagrams of concepts to help you study for exams and such. Overall, engaging in art throughout your life can help you keep your memory and cognitive skills in good shape.

5 Reasons Why Adults Need Art in Their Lives. Online Art Gallery Dubai

5. Art can make you a better person:

Art can build and develop empathy in people. Artists tell stories through their work. By viewing different works of art you can gain an understanding of how different people from diverse backgrounds can have experiences that may be worlds apart from what you have experienced in your life. Art has the power to evoke strong emotions in people and make them more open emotionally and more sensitive. This makes people more likely to empathize with and understand the emotions of others around them.

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Written by our Staff Writer Shreya Alagramam. 

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