5 Ways Covid Changed the Art World

There isn’t one industry that has not been impacted by the pandemic, and the art world has certainly gone through some significant changes over the past two years in response to the coronavirus. Here are 5 major ways in which the pandemic caused the art world to evolve:

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 1. Virtual art exhibitions are now mainstream: One of the most significant changes is that many art galleries and art organizations are now hosting virtual art exhibitions. Major institutions such as the Smithsonian and Metropolitan Museum of Art have curated virtual exhibitions since the start of the pandemic. Virtual art exhibitions are a great way for artists and art lovers to enjoy art while still remaining safe and at home. Virtual art exhibitions even have some advantages over traditional exhibitions. For example, a virtual art exhibition can be viewed by anyone no matter what part of the world they live in. Virtual exhibitions are great for artists to showcase their entire collection of works to buyers. We at have also held several virtual exhibitions to try and keep the spirit of art alive through the trying times of this global pandemic. Click here to view our virtual art exhibitions.

2. Social media is the place to be: Since the pandemic, art museums and galleries have also focused on stepping up their overall online presence. From sharing stunning visuals of their artworks on Instagram to connecting with customers through direct messaging features, both art institutions and individual artists are harnessing the power of social media to build their brands. Individual artists have also been using social media to connect with fellow art lovers. You can check out our Instagram @artezaar where we regularly share breathtaking images of our incredible catalogue of artworks! You can easily buy artworks on our Instagram Art Store as well. 

3. Auction houses had to evolve: Owing to the pandemic, auction houses had to get creative to try and recreate the experience of in-person live auctions through digital platforms. In July of 2021, Christie’s held a global hybrid auction where bidders could view livestreams of artworks from Christie’s salesrooms in Hong Kong, London, Paris and New York. People could then place bids through telephone, online, or in-person in places where Covid regulations allowed. Although auction houses have held online auctions before Covid, the pandemic brought about a significant change in dynamics. The pandemic allowed for online bidders to get on equal footing with in-person bidders, since online bidding became an urgent necessity and not simply a choice. Additionally, print auction catalogues would typically be sent out only to previous customers. Thanks to the pandemic, more and more auction houses are investing in creating high-quality virtual catalogues. Virtual catalogues increase accessibility since anyone can view them regardless of whether or not they have made a previous purchase. This encourages young first-time buyers to take the leap and make a bid.

4. Increase in online sales: Physical Art galleries were amongst the first places that had to be closed down when the pandemic hit. This left people with no other option but to purchase art from online stores. Although overall art sales dropped because of the pandemic, the market share of online art sales in particular nearly doubled. It is predicted that this increase in online art sales will persist even after the pandemic settles and things somewhat go back to normal. This is because people have now had experience acquiring art through online stores, so the initial reluctance or hesitance has been overcome. We at saw the change in buying habits, as people started to support locally residing artists to buy artworks. Check out our entire collection of artworks here, as we continue to evolve our platform for our artists. Online Art Class on Zoom

 5. Online Art Classes: As Zoom became a fixture in homes, online schooling and classes became a reality for everyone across the world. Teaching techniques had to evolve, as children needed to understand concepts out of a class room. There was a surge in classes out of the classrooms, as children needed to continue their personal growth and have some creative “me-time” to express their feelings. 

What’s truly incredible is that despite all of the challenges posed by this pandemic, the artistic community has not stopped creating and inspiring people through art. Art galleries, art institutions and individual artists have all persevered to keep the spirit of art alive. Art has continued to inspire and comfort people through these trying times.

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Blog post written by Staff Writer Shreya Alagramam.

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