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Art is often a neglected subject in schools across the world. For some reason, as kids’ progress through their school years, art almost disappears from their curriculums. Even though educators understand the benefit of art, it is not communicated to the parents on how art can add value to their children's lives.

Studies show that art helps kids to acquire a variety of vital skills that would serve them well throughout their lives. Here are 7 reasons why Art is vital for kid’s growth and development.

1. Art Enhances Problem Solving Skills. 

Art is all about analyzing how to combine separate visual elements into something cohesive, so it truly encourages a child to use their minds in a creative fashion. As they work through an art piece, it encourages them to think of solutions. My orange is too "reddish", how can I make it to my color? My tape isn't holding the 2 pieces together, how can I fix this? Instead of thinking 'in the box' art encourages children to look for solutions 'out of the box'. It makes them realize there could be different solutions to the same problem. 

7 reasons why art is important for kids

2. Art Develops Communication Skills. 

Have you seen the joy on a child's face when they paint? When they create their first paintings? Art helps them to communicate visually. It helps them to express their emotions in a safe environment. They open up and the shyest of kids start to describe what they are feeling. They start to discuss problems and possible solutions, processing the fact that there is no right or wrong in art. When a child gifts their artwork to a loved one, there is a beautiful emotional growth within the child that goes beyond verbal communication. 

Ask a child why they used a specific color, or why they created a specific painting, and watch as they start to tell you their thoughts.

3. Art Builds Fine Motor Skills

As the child starts to indulge in paintings that require more details, they start to develop fine motor skills. Hand-building pottery also helps their fingers and hands work in ways that they normally wouldn't do when using iPad or writing essays. Art helps improve their strength, dexterity and coordination. At the same time, stimulating their brains and nerves.

7 reasons why art is important for kids

4. Art Improves Overall Mental Health & Well Being

Art is a safe way for the child to grow, to express and to come out of their shells. Especially after they have been through COVID lockdowns, where interactions with others were limited to screen time. As they work through art projects, their self-belief grows with every achievement. Art is an investment in the child's future successes to ensure they become holistically well-rounded members of society. 

5. Art Grow Social Skills and Confidence

With art, kids learn from others in a class. Each child will tackle a project slightly differently from their peers, and children start to express to each other how they are doing something. It allows for the growth of social skills, as well as confidence. When a child gets a chance to show his work, by gifting it or by placing it an art exhibition, their confidence surges ahead.

7 reasons why art is important for kids

6. Art helps Personality development

As children start to create art pieces, they start to not only express their thoughts and feelings, but also start to develop their personality. It helps them understand the world around them. Every material they use, they are making use of their senses. They start to understand movement, lines, colors, shades, images and they start to perceive the multidimensional world in which they live in. Their personalities start to evolve, and their uniqueness starts to emerge.

7. Art Unleashes Creativity

I personally believe there is no right or wrong in art. Especially when it comes to kids creating. Too often we confuse creativity with talent or skill, but in reality creativity is about imagining, exploring, discovering, as they think through what they want to create. Creativity is about expressing. Whether they use black or red to express, or they express via a painting, a pot or a craft creation – it truly doesn’t matter. What matters is that they create, every day. They express, and they grow.

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Blog post written by Guest Blogger Shreya Alagramam 

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