World Art Dubai 2024 was a remarkable event, marking its milestone 10th edition. This year’s fair was bigger and better than ever, and was thrilled to participate once again. We proudly showcased the artworks of our talented artists, marking our 5th year of participation and continuing our role as a proud feature partner of World Art Dubai. With over 14 nationalities of artists represented, our participation mirrored the diverse artistic community of the UAE.

One of the standout moments of our participation was a panel talk that we hosted titled "How Can Design Integrate Art." Moderated by’s managing director Leena Kewlani, this engaging discussion explored the dynamic relationship between art and design, seeking insights into how these two disciplines can collaborate to inspire innovation and enhance aesthetic experiences.



Our esteemed panelists included:

  • Dhiraj N Lochani, CEO of DNL Interiors
  • Ronak Shah, Managing Director of Wonderwall
  • Vaishali Deshmukh, Design Associate at Designsmith
  • Saniya Godrej, Founder & Principal Designer of SKD Studio

Each panelist brought a wealth of experience and insight, sharing their perspectives on integrating art into design. The discussion emphasized the importance of collaboration between artists and designers to create spaces that are both functional and visually captivating. Key points included the role of art in defining a space’s character, how design elements can complement artistic expression, and innovative ways to merge these disciplines to enhance overall aesthetic appeal.

The panelists discussed how art could serve as a focal point in design, bringing unique character and identity to a space. They explored how thoughtful design could elevate the impact of artwork, making it an integral part of the environment rather than just an addition. This synergy between art and design not only enriches the visual experience but also creates a harmonious and inspiring atmosphere.

They also touched upon the importance of understanding both artistic and design perspectives to foster a more cohesive and innovative approach to space creation. The discussion provided valuable insights into the practical aspects of integrating art into various design contexts, encouraging a deeper appreciation for both fields.

We are also proud to announce that was honored with the prestigious award for Best Art Collective Gallery at World Art Dubai 2024. Amidst an impressive array of over 4,000 artworks from more than 400 galleries and 60 countries, distinguished itself by winning this coveted award. This award recognized the exceptional curation and quality of artworks presented by our artists, highlighting our ability to create a compelling collection that tells a story and sparks the imagination.

Indeed, World Art Dubai has been a significant platform for, providing us with opportunities to showcase our artists' talents and connect with a wider audience. Our participation in this event has helped us grow and evolve creatively. As we look to the future, we are excited to continue fostering a vibrant artistic community and celebrating the creativity of our artists. Our journey with World Art Dubai has been filled with memorable experiences and valuable learning, and we look forward to many more years of artistic collaboration and innovation.

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