World Art Dubai marked its milestone 10th edition in 2024 with a dazzling display of global artistry, and was thrilled to be a part of this prestigious event for the fifth consecutive year. Our stand proudly showcased the diverse talents of artists hailing from over 14 different nationalities. In addition to presenting a stunning array of artworks, we actively contributed to the event's intellectual landscape by hosting a series of enriching panel discussions. These panels facilitated meaningful dialogues on various aspects of the art world, further cementing our commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive artistic community.

One of these engaging panels was titled "Passion and Profit: Harmonizing Artistic Vision with Business Strategy," moderated by's founder, Leena Kewlani. This discussion explored the balance between artistic passion and business acumen, shedding light on how artists can successfully navigate the commercial aspects of their careers while staying true to their creative visions.



The esteemed panelists for this panel discussion were:

  • Varun Jaitley, General Manager at 3S Business Services
  • Jaspreet Sethi, Finance Director at Final Ratio Consulting
  • Asma Kachwala, Owner of Creativfish

Each expert brought their unique insights into how artists can blend their creative endeavors with effective business strategies. The discussion broadly covered the importance of understanding financial management, marketing, and business planning for artists. Panelists emphasized the value of creating a sustainable business model that supports and enhances artistic expression.

The dialogue highlighted the necessity for artists to develop business skills alongside their artistic talents. The panelists shared strategies on building a personal brand, reaching wider audiences, and securing financial stability. They also discussed the challenges artists face in the commercial world and offered practical advice on overcoming these obstacles.

Additionally, the panelists explored the broader impact of harmonizing artistic vision with business strategy on the art community. They underscored how a balanced approach can lead to greater artistic freedom, more opportunities for collaboration, and increased recognition in the art market. The conversation emphasized the potential for artists to thrive both creatively and financially by adopting a strategic mindset.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce that was honored with the prestigious Best Art Collective Gallery Award at World Art Dubai 2024. Out of over 4,000 artworks from more than 400 galleries representing 60 countries, distinguished itself, earning this coveted award. This award was bestowed in recognition of the exceptional curation and high quality of our artists' works, showcasing our ability to assemble a compelling collection that narrates a captivating story. is proud to have been part of such an insightful discussion at World Art Dubai 2024. The insights shared during this panel are invaluable for artists seeking to balance their passion with profitability. We believe that by embracing both artistic and business skills, artists can achieve greater success and sustainability in their careers.

World Art Dubai has provided an invaluable platform for, enabling us to showcase the talents of our artists and connect with a wider audience. This event has played a crucial role in our creative development and evolution. As we look to the future, we are eager to continue fostering a vibrant artistic community and celebrating the creativity of our artists. Our journey with World Art Dubai has been filled with memorable experiences and valuable insights, and we look forward to many more years of artistic collaboration and innovation.

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