World Art Dubai celebrated its 10th edition in 2024 with a spectacular showcase of diverse global artistry, and was delighted to participate for the fifth time. We showcased the incredible talents of our artists, representing over 14 nationalities, and contributed to the event by hosting a variety of enriching panel discussions. 

One of these engaging panels was titled "The Transformative Impact of AI, AR, and VR on Artists and their Creative Process," moderated by's founder, Leena Kewlani. This discussion delved into the innovative ways in which technology is influencing artistic creativity, highlighting the evolving landscape of art in the digital age.



The esteemed panelists for this panel discussion were:

  • Sajith Ansar, CEO of Idea Spice Design
  • Yohan Wadia, Creative Director at Wavemaker MENA
  • Raed Mikail, Founder of AVR Labs
  • Paul David Wesley, Creative Director at Designlion FZE

Each expert shared their unique perspectives on how these innovative technologies are reshaping the creative landscape for artists. The discussion covered the ways in which AI, AR, and VR are influencing artistic techniques, the creation process, and audience engagement. Panelists highlighted the potential of these technologies to open new avenues for artistic expression, enhance interactivity, and create immersive experiences.

The dialogue emphasized the evolving relationship between technology and art, encouraging artists to explore these tools to push the boundaries of traditional art forms. The conversation also touched upon the opportunities and challenges presented by integrating technology into artistic practices, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and continuous learning for artists.

Additionally, the panelists discussed the broader implications of these technologies on the future of the art world, including how they can democratize access to art, foster global collaborations, and drive new forms of creativity. They underscored the transformative potential of AI, AR, and VR in shaping not just individual artistic practices, but the entire ecosystem of art creation and appreciation. is proud to have been part of such a forward-thinking discussion at World Art Dubai 2024. These technological advancements promise to play a pivotal role in the evolution of our artistic expressions and engagements. We believe that by embracing these changes, we can help artists unlock new opportunities and reach wider audiences, thus enriching the overall art landscape.

We are also excited to share that received the prestigious Best Art Collective Gallery Award at World Art Dubai 2024. Among over 4,000 artworks from more than 400 galleries across 60 countries, stood out, earning this prestigious award. This award was given in recognition of the excellent curation and quality of our artists' works, highlighting our ability to create a captivating collection that tells a story. 

World Art Dubai has been an inredible platform for, offering us the chance to showcase our artists' talents and reach a global audience. This event has been instrumental in our creative growth. Going forward, we are excited to continue nurturing a thriving artistic community and celebrating our artists' creativity. Our journey with World Art Dubai has been rich with memorable experiences and valuable insights, and we eagerly anticipate many more years of artistic collaboration and innovation.

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