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September 17, 2019

Blog Post By: Shyamala Venkatesh

Note to reader: These are the thoughts penned by one of our registered Artists. Artezaar did not commission, nor in any way pay for the below blog. We are humbled and grateful with her opinion on Artezaar, and its' Co-Founders.

Two childhood bestiestick! Similar ideas and passionstick! Rhyming names tootick!  One couldn’t ask for a better formula to bring about Artezaar, the new kid-on-the-block online art gallery. 


I attended my first Artezaar artist meet the other day, Leena and Teena, have to offer to the artist community that hasn’t already been done before in Dubai. Talk about a smorgasbord of ideas, interesting opportunities and a fresh injection of energy! From customizing wedding cards, refurbishing old paintings and furniture, personally carrying artworks to clients’ homes for their selection, to hand delivering artworks to ensure the personal touch, Artezaar seems to be on the right path.

Artezaar Meet Up September -Buy paintings, artworks and home décor accessories on Online Art Gallery in Dubai UAE.

If you have an idea or a creative niche that needs to be tapped into, tell Leena and Teena. If you have workshop experience that you would like to conduct, call them. If you are scouting for a perfect art piece –check out their website. On the other hand if you are searching for that perfect home where your art will fit pat like a glove, reach out to them. If you like the camera lights on you, they have their YouTube account and videographer at your disposal, so little clips of art lessons conducted by Artezaar artists can be relayed to the public. 

Artezaar is for the newbies, the professionals, the still-searching-for-my-mojo kind of artists who can become part of this rapidly expanding family. The organization is here to direct you, to equip you with technical skills (yes, they even had an expert give us ideas on how to navigate Instagram and have planned e-commerce workshops in the future), and to fuel your creative energies.

Leena and Teena pack in quite a basket of ideas and enthusiasm that it is hard to ignore. If you are waiting on the side lines, unsure of how to redirect your creativity, search no more! And, no, this is not part of their PR exerciseI returned home impressed by their professionalism and energized with such a positive feeling of community and support, that I decided to pen my thoughts!