Arabic calligraphy is a captivating and intricate art form that has a rich history spanning several centuries. It originated around the 7th century CE and became a key part of the Islamic tradition. Over time, Arabic calligraphy evolved into a revered art form that became a vital element of Arabic culture and heritage. Skilled Arabic calligraphers meticulously crafted script onto various surfaces, from manuscripts and architecture to textiles and ceramics.

There are several famous ancient monuments across the world that feature Arabic calligraphy inscriptions, such as the Alhambra Palace in Spain and the Taj Mahal in India. Arabic calligraphy has been passed down through the generations and continues to flourish to this day. There are many contemporary Arabic calligraphy artists whose work contributes to the preservation of this ancient art form.

Contemporary Arabic Calligraphy Wall Art

Contemporary Arabic calligraphers often draw inspiration from traditional script styles while blending them with modern techniques and mediums. For instance, many contemporary Arabic calligraphy artists create their works using paint and ink on canvases. Canvas is a great medium as it can easily be hung up in any modern home or office space.

If you are looking to buy art in Dubai that has Arabic calligraphy incorporated in it, there are many different online art shops that you can browse. For instance, is an online art gallery in Dubai that has an entire collection dedicated to Arabic calligraphy paintings on canvas. Click here to view’s collection of Arabic calligraphy artworks. Let’s explore a few of the stunning Arabic calligraphy art pieces that are a part of’s extensive catalogue:

Subhanallahi Wa Bihamdihi

Arabic Calligraphy

This Arabic calligraphy wall art print is a perfect example of blending traditional art forms with modern mediums. It is a digital art piece that incorporates Arabic calligraphy and geometric abstraction. This is a great way to showcase the traditional art form of Arabic calligraphy in your home while still maintaining a modern aesthetic.

The stunning Arabic calligraphy script serves as the focal point of this piece, while the several geometric shapes in the background add depth and energy. Each shape is a vibrant shade of red, purple, blue, orange or yellow. This juxtaposition of traditional and modern art forms creates a dynamic and surreal piece that will surely be a great conversation starter during gatherings.

Click here to view Subhanallahi Wa Bihamdihi.

Past and Future

Arabic Calligraphy Paintings

This innovative Arabic calligraphy wall art painting shows the history as well as the modern achievements of the United Arab Emirates. It shows a traditional Emirati wind tower blending in with the Museum of the Future. The Museum of the Future is just one of UAE’s many architectural marvels. It is known for its beautiful silver exterior that is completely covered in Arabic calligraphy. The Arabic calligraphy on the Museum of the Future showcases three quotes by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum that are all about his vision for the future.

The artist has beautifully captured the calligraphy on the Museum of the Future in this oil painting. The sky in the background is a gorgeous shade of blue with hints of pink, much like the start of a sunset. The calm waters depicted in this artwork bring a sense of serenity and peace. Overall, this artwork is a great way to incorporate Arabic calligraphy into your home while also showing appreciation for the cultural heritage and modern achievements of the UAE.

Click here to view Past and Future.

Self Esteem

Arabic Calligraphy Wall Art

As the name of this Arabic calligraphy artwork suggests, the inspiration behind this piece was self esteem. The artist strongly believes in self love, believing in oneself and not ascribing too much importance to how others perceive you. This is the overall inspiration and message behind this lovely acrylic painting.

The Arabic calligraphy scripture in this piece is all placed inside the silhouette of a person, to reflect how self esteem truly comes from within us, and not from how outsiders view us. The soft neutral colors and circular canvas make this piece a perfect fit for any modern home. Indeed, looking at this piece every day can serve as a great reminder to value, respect and believe in yourself.

Click here to view Self Esteem.

Indeed, having Arabic calligraphy paintings in your home or office space is a fantastic way to add a touch of cultural enrichment. Since Arabic calligraphy has such a rich heritage, adding Arabic calligraphy artwork to your interiors will bring about a sense of cultural understanding and appreciation.

Moreover, the flowing lines, intricate patterns, and balanced compositions of Arabic calligraphy are inherently artistic. Arabic calligraphy paintings can serve as exquisite focal points, adding a touch of elegance and artistic allure to your home décor. Overall, Arabic calligraphy artwork is a great way to add beauty to your walls while also engaging in cultural learning and appreciation. Buy Arabic calligraphy artwork today and infuse your home with timeless cultural beauty.

Blog post written by Guest Blogger Shreya Alagramam

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