What is Origami? 

Origami is the art of folding paper to recreate a variety of subjects such as animals, birds, flowers, etc. The term ‘origami’ stems from a combination of the Japanese words ‘ori’, meaning folding,  and ‘kami’ meaning paper. Origami is said to have originated in Japanese culture but others have argued that its roots may well be in China. Regardless of its origins, the art of Origami is something that is enjoyed and celebrated worldwide!

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The paper folding design begins with a simple square-shaped sheet of paper. Interestingly, traditional origami techniques are often less strict and occasionally allow for the use of non-square papers as well as scissors and glue to help shape the paper. The modern school of origami, however, emphasizes and encourages exclusively using folding to create the final piece.  Modern origami practitioners avoid using scissors or glue altogether and even discourage making grid marks on the paper to guide your folds.

Origami is one of the most fun, soothing and rewarding crafts you can engage in! As you immerse yourself in concentrating on the intricate folds, you’ll find yourself in a relaxed and zen state of mind. You end up creating a lovely piece of art that you can showcase and derive a sense of achievement from.

What’s great about origami is that it’s one of the cheapest art forms you can participate in, since all you need is a square sheet of paper in any color! Indeed, if you don’t have square paper, you can just take any size paper you have and cut it into squares.  

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Apart from being a fun and soothing activity, origami has a variety of benefits! Firstly, because of the tactile nature of origami, it can help improve your motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The intricate folds and creases require a lot of concentration and focus, so this stimulates and strengthens your brain. In fact, research shows that making origami can improve mathematics and visualization skills in middle school students! Overall, origami is a great way to explore your creativity, and with our online classes, you can become an origami expert from the comfort of your home!

Thanks to the internet, you can find a variety of completely free origami tutorials on websites like YouTube. There are tutorials geared towards complete beginners as well as those who are already at intermediate or advanced levels. So you can easily teach yourself some basic origami skills at home by watching instructional videos! 

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Blog post written by Guest Blogger Shreya Alagramam 

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