The Rainbow in You.

A blog post, written by Rabia Ali.  

Note to reader: These are the thoughts penned by one of our registered Artists.

“Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?”

As a child I used to love listening to this song but only after entering into my adult life did I truly begin to appreciate the lyrics used and the philosophy behind colors.

"I painted the walls of my room black," as soon as my friend had uttered those words back in high school, I should have immediately realized that she was going through a depressive phase of her life. Yet from her cheerful demeanor it was nearly impossible to relate any sense of gloom to her persona.

Maybe she was too good of an actor. Or maybe I was too bad of a friend... we'll never know.

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Perhaps colors speak a more coherent language than words.

“Ladies, when you feel down, put on some red lipstick and go about your day,” how many of us have heard something along these lines from our favorite beauty gurus?

This is because colors carry energy which affects peoples' vibrations. Red is a bold color relating to intensity and ambition. Seeing red color can make one‟s heart beat faster. Bulls do not detect red color, they are aggravated by the movement of the cape.

On the other hand the color green, being the complementary color of red, is known to have a balancing effect. It is associated with nature, life and good health. Makes sense as to why we were constantly reminded by our grannies to add more "greens" on our plates at meal times for most of our childhood. Green is linked to wealth.

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Another color that is associated with wealth is purple. My best friend recently began adding purple hues to her accessories & makeup and then immediately landed a better job. Could it be the magic of color Feng Shui or a stroke of luck? At least my senior years would be eventful as I'd sit in my rocking chair and ponder over this mystery…

On the subject of mystery, I find blue to be a mysterious color. It characterizes the sky and the sea- deep, rejuvenating and harmonious. And yet it is also linked to contemplation and sadness. I‟m sure the ending of Game of Thrones left many of us fans feeling the "blues".

To sum it up, colors have a way of influencing our moods and also a way for us to express our moods.

Did you know that honking at the next car while waiting at a red traffic signal can bring about very colorful language from the driver of said car?

Do you know any interesting color facts? We'd love to hear your thoughts! :) 

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