BUY PAINTINGS, PRINTS, HOME DECOR AND ACCESSORIES ONLINE, FROM ARTISTS IN DUBAI AND UAE. CALL +971 50 4533439 | MON – FRI (10 AM TO 6 PM) is thrilled to partner with Reem Art Gallery in hosting a stunning kids art exhibition titled 'Love For The UAE'. This unique art exhibition is all about  showcasing young and talented children who express their love for the UAE through art. 

Exhibition Details

The exhibition will take place at the esteemed Reem Art Gallery, located in Al Wasl. The gallery's elegant setting provides the perfect backdrop for the vibrant and diverse abstract artworks that will adorn its walls. Running from 10th to 22nd February 2024, this exhibition is set to be an extravaganza of artistic exploration and engagement. We invite you to come visit and be inspired by the beautiful UAE-inspired artworks of incredibly talented budding artists! 

The exceptional kid artists participating in this exhibition are: Amatullah Ali Hamid, Leen Nashawi, Alia Alyousuf, Shaikha Al Marri, Hamda Al Marri, Izel Castillo Pizarro, Aline AlKhader, Liana Qaqish, Jad Nashawi, Julia Sabbagh, Nazmin Rasheed, Mila Maria Farman, Jina Kalwani, Waaris Hasan, Sarvesh Baranidharan, Nandana Suresh,  Leora Labban, Ruel Emmanuel, Seema Abdulrazzak, Tasha Elizabeth Ranjith, Pari Mittal, Aaliyah Lokre, Bella Eliza Sanup, Innaya Lahori, Rysha Lahori, Maitha Al Falasi, Radhika Pherwani, Vansh Pherwani, Leher Sajnani, Simrin Sajnani, Prisha Pagarani, Ria Deena Naismith, Myriam Zakaria, Vidhaan Bankar, Kalpita Sajnani, Huiran Li, Nazzah Nidhal, Hidayah Nidhal, Shreya Sharma, Shanaya Sharma, Aara Dembla

Virtual Online Art Exhibition 

You can also enjoy 'Love For The UAE ' through a unique 3D virtual online art exhibition platform! Click the image below or click on the following link to immerse yourself in the 'Love For The UAE' experience:

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This 3D online art exhibition platform allows you to browse through the paintings in a way that emulates strolling through a physical gallery in real life. You will be able to zoom in, zoom out and view the paintings from various angles in high resolution. Each painting will be accompanied by the artist’s description which allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the artwork. You can also purchase any of the paintings seen in this exhibition! 

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