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July 18, 2019

Thrilled to be featured on, the premier lifestyle online magazine aimed at Arab men, covering business, sports, cars, technology, arts and luxury. Art Gallery is a recently launched one-of-a-kind art shop for artists and art lovers in Dubai and UAE. It is founded by Leena Kewlani & Teena Thawani, ambitious women and beautiful artists. The founders of this remarkable website are both self-thought artists who bridge the gap between art and people. The inspiration for this site was to make life easier for artists to display and sell their paintings online. It also brings together the entire art ecosystem, where any type of art buyer can see and buy original paintings online from flourishing artists in Dubai and offering artworks to fit budgets, styles, and personalities. The Artezaar principle is to connect these emerging artists to each other and to make their work accessible and easy for all to purchase. There is a great variety on there are oil paintings, acrylic paintings and watercolor paintings, collage art, sketches, realistic drawings with colored pens, ceramics, decoupage, and handmade accessories. Artezaar is a one-stop art shop where there are various works that meet everyone's tastes, all at affordable prices online.

The duo decided to quit their jobs in January 2019 and devote themselves to fulfilling their dream of launching After months of dedication, meticulous research and continuous work, the website took its final shape and was launched in mid-April 2019. It is very user friendly. It has attracted nearly 60 artists and more than 400 works of art.

Leena Kewlani & Teena Thawani, the founders of explains the United Arab Emirates is the ideal region to launch an online art store. According to them the artists participating on their website are the soul of Artezaar. As they both are self-taught artists, they love to collaborate with fellow artists and are proud to understand them and their potential. The talents that the UAE embraces is amazing!

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