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November 24, 2020

By: Green Footprint

Note to reader: These are the thoughts penned by one of our collaborating partner. Artezaar did not commission, nor in any way pay for the below blog. We are humbled and grateful with their opinion on Artezaar. 

Can you tell us more about this year theme at the DIFC art nights?

We believe that art has the ability to bring people together and share ideas. 

"This Art season, Artezaar presents an innovative and beautiful collection of artworks promoting sustainable art, putting the environment at the forefront. Our theme “EARTH” symbolizes our love and connection to Mother Earth."

Each of our art piece weaves a story close to the Artist’s heart, and is expressed aesthetically with materials that are in tune to nature, such as twigs, leaves, vines, discarded wires, used fabric, paper, magazines, cartons and anything else found at home. 

"We chose environment sustainability as a theme to remind people how interconnected we are to and that we can take care of ourselves by taking care of the planet. If it hurts, we will too. The way we show up how the future looks as we are shaping it as we go along."

Can you share about any sustainable and eco initiatives done so far by Arezaar?

Many of our artists have been passionately working on art pieces created out of recycled and found objects. I have to admit that this pandemic gave us a great opportunity to become minimalist and explored how we can turn waste to something beautiful. We saw our resident Artezaar artists explore new mediums and create a lot of new pieces as they tackled and dealt with the crisis.

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