March 26, 2019

Born in Aleppo Syria in (1952), Abdelrahman graduated from the University of Textile Chemistry Technology with a major in Dyeing, Printing & Finishing in (1979) Romania. While at high school, he also studied fine arts at Fathy Mohamed’s Fine art Center in (1969). Art is the expression of our thoughts, emotions, and desire, it is the beauty of life, and art painting is the interaction between lines and colors. Having those elements together and feeling its combination gives the beautiful brightness to the artwork of painting. Human Emotions are full of sensations and feelings. Having your artistic work inspired by human emotions, emulate it, shape it, and put it within a rich framework of lines and colors, is the sense of human beauty and the reality of your existence, as well as the inspiration of nature and the environment around you.

Works by Abdelrahman Shamieh