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March 26, 2019

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What can be more intriguing than expressing yourself through lovely medium of art?

Hi I am Amruta, and as a kid, I was fascinated by how artists exhibited their vibrant paintings with lovely textures, to express themselves through different styles and mediums.

I was raised in a city of Pune, in India, which was always buzzing with cultural and artistic events. I was always encouraged to learn different art forms. I took lessons in the Indian classical dance for 9 years. I learnt classical music for few years. I explored many painting techniques as a kid, which has always been useful in my work now.

To pursue my career in art, I decided to take a degree in Commercial Arts. After finishing my education, I worked in India as a Graphic designer. I came to the dazzling city of Dubai in 2007. I enjoyed working here on Identity Development and Branding projects as a Communication designer and Visualizer, in design agencies for several years. But painting was something I always looked forward to. In 2014, taking a break from job encouraged me to follow my dream.

My disciplined childhood, education and work experience has taught me patience, precision and neatness, which reflects in my intricate and detailed decorative work. I was lucky enough to get a chance to work on different types of projects ranging from fabric painting for fashion boutiques to wall murals for restaurant. I mainly paint with acrylic colors but drawing with doodling pens is my favorite technique. It’s just like a meditation for me. I am always eager to learn new techniques which introduced me to sustainable art. I hand paint on home decor products and accessories. Painting on small platform gives me a sense of control over my mind while painting on a big canvas gives me the freedom to speak my mind. 


‘Art Nation’ 2014

‘Agora’ 2019

‘DIFC Art Nights’, at DIFC with Art Gallery, 2020

‘New Beginnings’, Virtual Exhibition,, 2020

‘Light within us’, Virtual Exhibition,, 202

‘Modista Diwali Exhibition’, by Artezaar, 2019

‘Modista Exhibition’, by Artezaar, 2020

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Works by Amruta Ketkar