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March 23, 2019

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Though I have an engineering degree, art has always been my passion, my stress buster, my solace. It gives an unexplainable pleasure when you can put your thoughts and imagination on paper in form of a painting which tells the story you want to share with others.

Hi I am Divya, an artist from Dubai. Painting is a form of meditation for me. It helps me express myself through the vibrant and beautiful medium of colors. When I put different colors on the canvas, it automatically brings a smile on my face because it helps me to visualize my reflections/thoughts about nature, society and God.

I primarily work with oil pastels and pastel pencils. I chose this medium because it provides good coverage, the colors are deep and rich. Oil pastels have a very intensive, soft and smooth color stroke quality.

I also doodle sometimes. Doodling requires a lot of precision and patience. The minute strokes of the pen make beautiful patterns which I generally use to give an intricate touch in some of my paintings.

I also like to work with pastel pencils especially when I have to show the detailing of some parts like eyes. It’s a beautiful medium to highlight details of human face or animal fur etc.

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Works by Divya Singla