Buy paintings, artworks and home décor accessories on Online Art Gallery in Dubai UAE.Born in India and currently based in Dubai, UAE, Diyali is a visual artist and illustrator. She sees herself as an artist unrestricted in the use of media and surface to express, communicate and engage with her environment. Art for her is a continuous process and more importantly an inward quest towards self discovery. Through her artworks she hopes to raise questions, tickle imagination, find expression in motivating and empowering people. She expresses her creativity in spontaneous lines and strokes, mark making, pulling and pushing boundaries in all mediums and surfaces and with a free spirited approach. Her process of art making uses found materials to work with like fabric, ropes and threads, twigs and tea bags etc. Diyali is inspired by life and and it’s intricacies, by her own spiritual journey to constantly reach within and find joy and expression of the evolution that she experiences. The theme is mainly based on sustainability.
“The most potent muse of all is our own inner child.” - Stephen Nachmanovitch
As an artist she celebrates the beauty of life through the abstract human form, gestures, movements and emotions. Her work is a deeply personal expression of the human condition as it evolves in the context of modern life. Diyali expresses her creativity in spontaneous lines and strokes in mediums of Oil, Acrylic, Inks and Mixed Media and with a deep love for using natural and found objects with a sustainable theme. She has collaborated with other artists and run successful workshops on sustainable art projects and creative workshops. Diyali’s need to search for a higher truth has led her through a wonderful journey of self-expression. The continuous process of learning from life allows Diyali to expand her skills and connect with the beauty of life itself. Diyali has exhibited in numerous art shows in India, Europe and the Middle East and her artworks have found homes in all corners of the world. Diyali has been involved with various social causes through her participation and contribution in Art projects in UAE. She has made exclusive works for Auction for causes she believes in which have been displayed at Christie's Auction house at the Raffles Hotel, Dubai and at the Burjuman Breast Cancer Campaign and projects with Special Needs and people of Determination. She is also a fashion designer by profession and has successfully run her own business and enterprise for many years in India. Her fashion illustrations have been published in Vogue Arabia. Currently Diyali is the Chairperson of The Dubai International Art Centre, one of the oldest and prestigious institutes in Dubai. Diyali is an instructor for fashion design, illustration and art and has held numerous workshops on collaborative art therapy and energy workshops.
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- An exhibition of upscaled sustainable artworks 2019 4 COUNTRIES EXHIBITION
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- 2017 “Mind The Gap’ at Tashkeel. A month long show called‘ Weaving Bridges of Diversity’ by Upcycling Art Collaborative
- 2017 Illustrations published for Vogue Arabia 2017
- Fabriano Aquarello, Italy 2016 ‘Up cycling Into Art’ exhibit at The Change Initiative
- 2016 ‘Colours Of Pride’ at The Pullman Hotel
- 2016 Watercolor group Exhibition at the Indian Ambassadors Residence, India House in Abu Dhabi
- 2016 Ramadan Show, ‘Visions Of Islam’ at The Pullman Hotel, Dubai
- 2016 Fabriano Aquarello, Italy
- 2016 ‘Spirit Of Liwa’ at gallery 76
- 2016 ‘Spirit of Liwa’ at Art hub, Abu Dhabi
- 2016 Exhibit at Al jalila Foundation for special needs
- 2015 ‘The Five’, World Art Fair, World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE
- 2015 Two Artist Show-Salon d’ Art- New Delhi, India
- 2015 ‘THE BIG PICTURE’ at Pro Art Gallery
- 2015 ‘Up cycling Art Residency’ exhibit at ART HUB, Abu Dhabi
- 2015 ‘Art In Secret’ for Mawaheb Charity Fund Raiser, Dubai
- 2015 Group Show-Gallery 76- Dubai, UAE
- 2014 Group Show- Asha’s Gallery- New Delhi, India
- 2014 ‘DIAC’ Art Exhibition, Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai, UAE
- 2014 ‘Recycling Art’, Gallery 76, Dubai. UAE
- 2013 Group show-GALLERY 76- DUBAI
- 2012 ‘Postcard Exhibition’, Gallery 76- Dubai, UAE
- 2012 ‘Summer Art Exhibition’, Mercato Mall, Dubai, UAE
- 2012 ‘6X6 At 76’- Gallery 76, Dubai, UAE
- 2011 Group show- Art Select, at Grand Hyatt, Dubai, UAE
- 2011 ‘Members Exhibition’- Gallery 76, Dubai, UAE
- 2011 Two Artist Show- Salon d’ Art- New Delhi, India
- 2011 Group Show- Asha’s Gallery- New Delhi, India
- 2010 ‘Members Exhibition’ Gallery 76, Dubai, UAE
- 2010 Group Show- Salon d’Art -New Delhi, India
- 2010 Group Show – Art Select, Grand Hyatt-Dubai, UAE
- 2009 ‘Kaleidoscope’- Group Show by the Indian Consulate, Dubai Ladies Club, Dubai, UAE
- 2009 ‘Members Exhibition’- Gallery 76- Dubai, UAE
- 2009 ‘Urban landscapes’ Group Show, India Habitat Centre - New Delhi, India 2009 Two Artist Show, Salon d’Art - New Delhi, India
- 2009 Group Show, Art Select at Grand Hyatt, Dubai, UAE
- 2009 ‘Teachers Exhibition’ Gallery 76, Dubai, UAE
- 2008 Group Show - Asha’s Gallery, New Delhi, India
- 2008 Indian Artist Show, Private Gallery, Dubai, UAE
- 2007 ‘Teachers Exhibition ‘ Gallery 76, Dubai, UAE
- 2007 ‘Ramadan Show’ Gallery 76, Dubai, UAE
- 2007 ‘Members Exhibition’ Gallery 76, Dubai, UAE
- 2007 Group Show - Salon d’Art- New Delhi, India
- 2006 Group Show, Private Gallery, Dubai, UAE
- 2005 Group Show - Salon d’ Art, New Delhi, India
- 2005 Indian Artist Show- Grand Hyatt, Dubai, UAE
- 2005 ‘Teachers Exhibition’ - Gallery 76, Dubai, UAE
- 2005 ‘Members Exhibition’ - Gallery 76, Dubai, UAE
- 2004 Group Show - Salon d’ Art, New Delhi, India
- 2004 Group Show - India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India
- 2003 Group Show - Salon d’ Art, New Delhi, India
- 2003 Group Show - Asha’s Gallery- New Delhi, India
- 2002 Group show - Salon d’ Art- New Delhi, India
- 2002 Two Artist Show - Salon d’ Art - New Delhi, India
- 2001 Group Show - Salon d’Art, New Delhi, India
- 2000 Group Show - Salon d’ Art - New Delhi, India JURIES EXHIBITIONS, COMMUNITY ART SHOWS AND PROJECTS
- 2015 ‘ Self Identities’ coinciding with the 56th Venice Biennale, International Art Expo and It’s Liquid Group, Palazzo Ca’Zanardi, Venice, Italy
- 2015 ‘The Big Picture’ Juried Show at Pro Art gallery, Dubai, UAE
- 2015 Islamic Fashion & Design Council @International Textile Fair, World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE
- 2015 ‘The Art of the Alphabet’ Juried Show - Gallery 76 for Dubai Art Fair, Dubai, UAE
- 2015 ‘BLOOM 2015’ Curated a fashion show at the Dubai International Art Centre, Dubai, U.A.E 2014 ‘Recycling Art’ Gallery 76, Dubai, UAE
- 2014 'Art for Ramadan’ Gallery 76, Dubai, UAE

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