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March 19, 2019

Hachiva Parvin, An Architect, indulges in creating mixed media art. Her Passion finds no limit farther when it comes to unleashing her thoughts. Her ardor is expressed with creativity on a canvas or a paper. Visions and Narratives of the ancient past, resonating in emotions are few of the inspirations, for these magnificent art pieces. One can feel the symbolism, irony, dichotomy, in her art. Having said that, she connects with the percipient by giving the liberty in interpreting her art in a metaphorical way; either positively or negatively. Being an architect, based in Dubai, her compositions are morphed and delicately balanced between the void and matter. Her art is usually a combination of acrylic paint, watercolor, freehand sketches, and other art supplies.

Works by Hachiva Parvin