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Irum Habeeb

March 18, 2019

“Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment.”

I am a teacher by profession and an artist by passion! The internet has introduced me to this particular art of zentangling. I am self-taught. I began with scribbles in my notebook to intricate pattern practice on paper.....and have now graduated on to “Zentangling on Ceramic”. It’s a time-consuming but a thoroughly satisfying experience. It’s easy on paper/canvas -I zentangle freehand, fill in colors or not, frame my work...that’s it!! Not so with zentangling on Ceramics....these pieces require curing for a few days after the design is done and then baking them!  I use all kinds and brands of markers n paint pens on the vases, plates, etc. I love how my pieces of art connect people through communication.... l love the exchange of words of appreciation n suggestions that they bring out! I feel honored that my pieces occupy a place of pride in some people’s homes.

Irum Habeeb work