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March 17, 2019

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Hi, I am Jasmine Mohamed Rizvi, an Indian artist based in Dubai.

I am a self-taught glass painting artist. I love to do wall murals, oil and acrylic paintings also.

I inherited the art skills from my mother, who was a skilled artist. Fabric painting and embroidery was her area of interest, but it stayed on within our family.

I have been doing glass painting and wall murals since childhood. Paintings is my passion. It soothes my soul, but couldn’t pursue my passion after marriage due to the busy lifestyle, so had to take a break .

Now after 17 years, I have taken on my paint-brush again to follow my passion, striving to rejuvenate my art life .

Glass painting is a traditional method of painting, which has boundaries due the limitation of color choices and the fragility of the medium but it is something that interests me. I feel like it has a different kind of beauty and glow. I love bright colors that boost up energy and symbolize happiness and I have tried to spread positive energy through my paintings . 

Normally glass painting artists are using glass liners to give border to the art works, which are soothing, thus it’s also referred as relief liners.

I am trying to make my own style of glass painting by doing many experiments and using different techniques in traditional glass painting which you can notice in my paintings. 

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Works by Jasmine Rizvi