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March 13, 2019

Buy paintings, artworks and home décor accessories on Online Art Gallery in Dubai UAE.I am a self-taught Indian artist based in UAE with no formal education in Art. I stumbled upon this side of my life by accident while doing some design work for my daughters. The very first emotion that I experienced while creating my first artwork was of elation and unbound cheer. The pure joy of creation and the ability to express myself through bold strokes and color was something that did not let me stop from that day on. As an artist I am amazed at the richness that the world around us possesses. There’s inspiration flowing everywhere around us from the biggest to the smallest things that nature has bestowed on us.

I do non-representational original abstract paintings in acrylic and mixed media. My paintings are inspired from nature (mostly flowers and landscapes). My passion for flowers has found a voice in my art. It’s the joy and pleasure that flowers spread through their shapes and colors and scents that I want to portray through my floral paintings.

Acrylics, due to their fast-drying property, allow me to work spontaneously, with multiple layers, washes, and glazes, and that is what adds energy and rhythm to my artwork. I want to express the solace and harmony that one finds in nature through my paintings. Abstraction in my art allows the freedom of expression that is not limited to visual realities. Texture, dimension, and color form the basis of my abstracts, and it’s up to the viewers to discover their own personal meanings in the paintings.

Works by Nuqra Khan