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March 05, 2019

Buy paintings, artworks and home décor accessories on Online Art Gallery in Dubai UAE.Vinu Aravind was born and brought up in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India. Being born in Thanjavur, which is also popularly known as "The Cradle of Arts", she had the innate talent and her artistic practice started as a part-time, self-taught balancing act during her life in India.
From a young age, she believed “You Can Create Anything Once You See It In Your Mind” and has been recognized for her talent. She earned her “Bachelor of Physiotherapy” at Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai, India, with honors.

After 4 years of her career as a Physiotherapist, one fine day she decided to leave her job and to pursue her passion. Her first experiment with color was influenced by Thanjavur painting—The Rich South Indian Artform. She was deeply impressed by the extravagant depictions of deities using vibrant colors, learnt all about the art from great gurus of Thanjavur paintings, and created paintings in order. She took great care in creating her paintings that are known for overall beauty, intricate work and choice of colors.

In 2012, art took a primary place in her life when she moved to Dubai. Gradually, she started conducting “Craft Workshop” for 2 years in Dubai. The workshops filled her with positivity and also unleashed the creativity within her. As a woman of great passion, she started painting enthusiastically which became her essential daily dose of happiness and creativity.

She has completed her “Professional Certificate in Fine Arts” from Lotus Educational Institute, Dubai. She is a highly creative and detail-oriented fine artist specialized in oil and acrylic media.

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Works by Vinu Aravind