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March 04, 2019

Buy paintings, artworks and home décor accessories on Online Art Gallery in Dubai UAE.I am a French-Moroccan artist born and raised in France in the Champagne Ardennes region. When starting scribbling on paper from a very young age all I could see were entangled black penciled lines taking unconventional forms but with always the inner conviction that each sketch was hiding an enigma. Around my late 20’s I moved to London and later on to Dubai where I built up a body of my own work. From naïve art I naturally shifted to abstract art representing for me one of the perfect, most faithful, timeless and unlimited way of expression.
Through my art I attempt to make the invisible visible allowing the body and mind to speak loud on canvas and unveil mysteries of a lifetime. I let the brush be an extension of my inner being and strive to capture and celebrate memories and true feelings of the past, the present and the future. I share stories, lessons of a lifetime, emotions and my own observations of existence. 
Spontaneous movements filled with lights, colors and often accompanied with poetry create a unique universal language and through space emerge the four elements of life, Earth, Water, Air and Fire that constantly transcend and manifest through my creations.
My artworks are a pure translation of my own realities and whilst I graciously invite the minds to travel and tell stories to the world, I welcome people into my own, hoping that it all resonates with thousands of hearts and souls and get them closer to the source that holds all the answers.

I participated in various exhibitions in the Middle East and overseas. My artworks can now be found in private and corporate collection.
My list of exhibition below:
-“Art connects Women” exhibition, Royal Mirage One and Only Dubai, 8th to 10th of March 2019
- "The Sea exhibition "(French Emirati Cultural Dialogue), Art Hub and Alliance France Abu Dhabi, 3rd of November 2018 to 15th of January 2019
- "Downtown Design Dubai", Apartment 51 Stand,  Dubai Design District Dubai, 13th to 16th of November 2018
- Affordable Art Exhibition, Art Hub, Dubai Design District, Dubai, 5th to 12th of November 2018
- "More Art BY Wafa El Hilali", More Cafe, Roda Murooj, Downtown, Dubai, Present to early July 2018
-"Art Souq", Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, 8th of May - 31st of August 2018
-"Art exhibition at Roberto's, Rosewood Hotel, Al Maryah Island Abu Dhabi, 3rd of April 2018 - November 2018
-"Private exhibition in Burj Daman", DIFC, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 15th of December 2017 - 30th of March 2018 
- "Artbox Projects, New York 1.0", Stricoff Fine Art, New York (USA), 5th of 16th of March 2018
- "Perspective: Art Exhibition", Le Patio,The Regis Hotel, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 17th of October to 9th of December 2017
- "Art for Awareness" by Art Hub Gallery/ Al Bayt Mitwahid, Alserkal Avenue E46, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 23rd of November 2016
- "International Design Exhibition 2016 (INDEX)", Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 23rd of May to 26th of May 2016
- "World Art Dubai 2016", Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 6th of April to 9th of April 2016
 - "Underwater" Solo Art Show second edition at SELVA, SELVA ME showroom, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 6th of December to 6th of January 2016
- Art and Photography Exhibition by ART + Gallery (44th National Day of the UAE), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 3rd of December 2015
- "Certificate of Appreciation" from His Highness Sheikh Manea Bin Hashr Al-Maktoum
-"60th Members Art Exhibition 2015" at Gallery 76, Gallery 76 - Dubai International Art Center, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 14th of November to 23rd of November 2015
- "Professional Art Merit Award"
- "Art at City Walk" City Walk, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 13th of November to 12th of December 2015
- "Underwater", First collection of Abstract Paintings and Poems Solo exhibition
Gallery 76 - Dubai International Art Center, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 29th of September up to the 13th of October 
- "57th Members Art Exhibition 2012", Gallery 76 - Dubai International Art Center, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 10th of November to the 24th of November 2012

Works by Wafa El Hilali