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June 03, 2021

Starting July 1st 2021, is running Online Art Summer Classes for Kids and Adults (8 Years and Above). Given below are all the Classes happening during Summer Camp. 

Online Art Summer Camp Dubai - Online Art Gallery in Dubai

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Price: AED 400 for 1 month for 1 child

Above 8 Years Class Descriptions:

- Hand building Clay: These sessions include hand building techniques in pottery, where we will focus on developing the pottery skills by introducing a new technique each week, and students will be given complete freedom to explore their creativity, while they work in partnership with clay, their hand and brain will develop muscle memory as you progress into ambitious projects with clay. Click here for materials

- Abstract Painting: A fun and colorful abstract art workshop to learn the skills and techniques to create your own abstract artwork. You will be working with palette knives and brushes to create colorful, textured paintings, learning in a fun and easy way. No previous art skills are required. Click here for materials

- Digital Art: In this class we will learn how to create digital drawings, get to know different brush tools and other easy methods to create digital drawings. Click here for materials

- Cartoon Doodles: In this class we will be following the most creative doodler in the world, learn his style of doodling and create our own cartoon doodles. Click here for materials

- Oil Pastels Painting: In this course you will learn about how to create a composition from zero and what are the rules in pastel painting. How to represent the lights and the shadows with pastel colors. As the effects of colors in pastel are closer to natural pigments, you will be able to represent different objects in a realistic style. Click here for materials

- Basic Watercolors: In this course you will learn how to use different techniques in watercolors paints (layered paint, wet on wet, etc.), what are the primary colors and how to get the colors which are not on our palette. How to sketch minimal shapes and lines and then use the watercolor techniques. You will learn as well how to create different compositions by using the rule of thirds. Click here for materials

- Pencil Sketching: In this course you will learn how to sketch while using the basic shapes and free hand (portraits sketch, landscapes, nature, animals, birds etc.).  As well you will be learning how to represent the shadows and lights while using the pencil and eraser. How to place a composition on your paper and what are the rules for sketching and drawing. Click here for materials

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