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June 03, 2021

Starting July 1st 2021, is running Online Art Summer Classes for Kids Below 8 Years. Given below are all the Classes happening during August 2021 in our Summer Camp. 

Online Art summer camp Online Art Gallery Dubai UAE

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Price: AED 400 for 1 month for 1 child

Below 8 Years Class Descriptions

- Clay Jewelry: This course aims at kids to create and design their own clay jewelry. They will learn the basic techniques of working with clay. Click here for materials

- Drawing & Painting: Lets take a step ahead from the boring drawings and learn a new technique of drawing and painting and create unique projects using mix media in this class. Click here for materials

- Finger Painting: There is no better fun than painting with your fingers. Finger painting is not about perfection but more about capturing an experience, feeling the pigments, making different textures to create masterpiece. Click here for materials

- Doodles: Doodles are simple drawings but need lot of creativity and quirkyness to create an attractive project, in this workshop/class we will let our creative juices flow to create cute, fun doodles! Click here for materials

- Basic Origami: Origami is craft of folding paper to create beautiful objects, in this workshop/class we will learn how to crease and fold to create beautiful origami. Click here for materials

- Make your own Character / Avenger / Super Hero: Everyone has a favorite imaginary superhero with different super powers! In this class we will learn how to make easy human sketch and create super heros! Click here for materials

- Abstract Art: In this class the kids will fully explore the painting process without any limitations. They will be able to create stunning masterpieces which will feast your eyes with the beauty, because the colors are clear and crisp and not muddy!  All they will have to do is dole out the paint and start creating their art pieces! Click here for materials

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