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Bronco Whirls

Rashida Golwala

Advice from a HORSE
: Take life's hurdles in stride, 
Loosen the reins,
Be free-spirited, Keep the burrs 
from under your saddle, 
Carry your friends 
when they need it, 
Keep stable, Gallop to Greatness!
~ Ilan Shamir
 This quote seems extremely apt and fitting to this painting. The artist through her contemporary style has tried to portray the agility, movement, and speed of horses through her painting. Running horses signify endurance, success, and power, which is what the artist has tried to depict. Her use of upward strokes and swirls demonstrate movement and mobility. These are synonymous with change and adventure. Just like our life is anything but constant, and is filled with adventures and movement, this painting too tries to display the same. The horses have been used to signify this driving force, which also acts as pillars of endurance and courage as mentioned before, and together they portray the dynamic nature of life. The use of blue-white tones and shades has been used to symbolize water, which is also synonymous with movement and change. Together this painting demonstrates the forces of nature using its very elements. This painting is suitable for the office, dining, and living areas as well as the bedroom.