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Clash For Glory

Afaq Aziz

Beautiful impressionist painting featuring a horse race. The ideal painting for your home. Suitable for art and sports lovers along with great aesthetics. Sports not only teaches you self-control but it also teaches you to work as a team and teaches you selflessness. You do not win as an individual, but you win and achieve as a team. However, winning or losing isn’t important. What truly matters is giving everything you do your very best.

The painting is done using acrylic colors on canvas, with a palette knife. It’s a piece that will motivate you to give your best and succeed in everything you do daily.

Sports, including horse riding, give a sense of balance. There is implicit trust between the horse and it’s rider, as they gallop together towards a goal.

“One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it.”  Knute Rockne

An acrylic Painting, done by our artist in Sharjah. Buy artworks, home décor accessories and paintings online on Online Art Gallery Dubai UAE.

NOTE: The image shown is a close up image of the Painting. The 2nd image shows the full painting, detailing the work done by the artist.

Painting is signed by the artist