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Drink it Up

Amruta Ketkar

Drink it up!!! Everybody has one favourite drink and they are ever ready to have it any time of the day or night. Mine is tea, what is yours??? Why someone likes tea over coffee or beer over wine? Sometimes there is no explanation, just love for that drink. We all create some beautiful memories with long conversations over a drink. Sometimes it is an afternoon coffee with old college buddies or just two colleagues having beer after long day at work. Be it a hot cup of tea or a cold glass of lemonade, just drink it up and enjoy the moment!!! Product description: This set of coasters is designed in a very unique style inspired from Indian cultural art style of ‘Rangoli’. It is an art form, originating in the Indian subcontinent, in which geometric patterns are created on the floor or the ground with coloured sand. Most of the times Rangoli is created near entrance of houses and buildings to welcome happiness, generosity and good luck. I have combined traditional rangoli patterns with modern waves to make a fusion in aspect of design. Welcome your guests in style!!!! The graphics are first hand sketched and then retraced and refined digitally to print. It is a set of 6 coasters with a stand. Material: Acrylic Directions for cleaning: It can be washed with mild liquid soap for utensils or can be cleaned with damp cloth.

This is a Home decor accessory - Acrylic coasters.

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NOTE: The image shown is a close up image of the Painting. The 2nd image shows the full painting, with the following images showcasing closeups of the artwork, detailing the work done by the artist.

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