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Keep Calm and Do Yoga!

Amruta Ketkar

Who loves yoga? To do yoga one needs dedication and patience. This artwork surely tested my dedication and patience but the end result gave me peace of mind through the painting. Yoga has many health benefits, it helps to meditate and attain mental peace. It is not a work-out it is a work-in experience. It also helps us to spiritually practice to open up our hearts and focus our awareness so that we can know what we already know and be who we already are.

This is done with acrylic colors and doodling pens. This lady is truly enjoying her peaceful state of mind. It is art almost like she has mastered the art of balancing on the waves. This painting is done on paper with Micron doodling pens and acrylic colors. It is completely hand-drawn and hand made. It is framed in a beige colored frame.

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." - The Bhagavad Gita

This is an abstract mixed media painting on canvas. 

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NOTE: The image shown is a close up image of the Painting. The 2nd image shows the full painting, with the following images showcasing closeups of the artwork, detailing the work done by the artist.

Painting is signed by the artist