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Nature Trail Coasters

Amruta Ketkar

Nature has always been my main inspiration for the art I create. I am always in awe of the exceptional beauty we see in all different landscapes. I have grown up in a city and that's why I have enjoyed every trip that brought me closer to nature. As a kid, climbing the mountain outside my city was always a part of my winter holiday. Looking at height of the mountain I felt even smaller. In summer, visiting beaches in nearby coastal towns was always an excitement. Going for nature trails in forests in the monsoon season was always intriguing and scary at the same time. Looking at tiny sun rays passing through tall trees was always magical. Lying down on a mat on my terrace, looking at the moon and stars always made me jealous of birds. Cold shivers in the snow and hot waves in the desert also has their own beauty. I was amazed to see nothing but golden sand on the outskirts of Dubai. It was so beautiful to see the golden light playing on the sand. This set of coasters is all my favorite memories from nature. All different habitats are homes to many different creatures. It is high time we connect with nature and protect it for the good of all living things on earth. A perfect home decor accessory to bring some nature in your home. This is also a lovely gifting idea for art lovers. Each coaster from the set looks like an individual art piece. You can also paste these coasters into a frame with a nice layout to make a wall decor frame. Product description: All six habitats, snow, desert, forest, sky, mountains, oceans are hand-drawn on paper. Colored with color pencils. Then original artworks are scanned as it is with high quality to print on coasters. No alterations were done digitally. It is a set of 6 coasters with a stand. Material: Acrylic Directions for cleaning: It can be washed with mild liquid soap for utensils or can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

This is a Home decor accessory - Acrylic coasters.

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