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Honey Taheri

Resin artwork Material: Resin on wood. The beautiful colors have been designed on MDF and created the amazing Sunrise. The artwork can be hanged on the wall for making an amazing space or would be on top of a table base for use as a unique coffee table. The artist uses fine art as a medium to express the love she has for nature and the scenic sunrises. The simplicity of the colors and textures creates depth makes this painting. This painting has bright and bold colors which make this beautiful painting perfect for any wall. The eye-catching colors and fabulous detail gives this art piece a very unique meaning. The fabulous and soothing colors and texture of the multicolored sunrise on a beautiful wooden table make this painting stands out. This unique artwork ties the magical world of nature and the vision of the artist. This stunning painting will glow with uniqueness in any home. This artistic artwork is beautifully showcased in our art gallery.

A stunning Mixed Media Painting, done by our Artist in Dubai. Buy artworks, home décor accessories, and paintings online on Online Art Gallery in Dubai UAE.

NOTE: The image shown is of the full painting, detailing the work done by the artist. 

Painting is signed by the artist