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Flowers Mixed media Painting

"Bloom" is a vivid expression of nature's vibrant transformation, inspired by the enchanting sight of flowers opening up to the world. The painting captures the essence of growth, renewal, and the delicate dance of petals embracing sunlight. The name "bloom" was chosen to enhance the beauty and vitality that radiates from the canvas, symbolizing the unfolding of life's potential and the joy it brings to the beholder's heart."

The inspiration behind my painting "Bloom" was drawn from witnessing their graceful journey from bud to blossom, I was mesmerized by the symbolism of growth, resilience, and the inherent beauty in embracing change. "Bloom" became a reminder that even in life's most challenging moments, there is potential for stunning transformation and radiant beauty.

In crafting my artwork "Bloom," I employed a diverse array of artistic materials to bring my vision to life. "Bloom," a two-piece artwork, tells a story of transformation and growth. Each canvas represents a distinct stage in the journey of life, from bud to full bloom, capturing the essence of beauty in every moment of the process. By skillfully blending mixed media elements, acrylic colors, and delicate gold leaf accents, I created a multi-dimensional masterpiece that bridges the gap between realism and abstraction. Choosing pastel colors in my artwork is a deliberate choice influenced by the desire to convey a sense of softness, serenity, and subtle emotion.

Pastel hues allow for a gentle and harmonious palette, often evoking feelings of calmness and nostalgia. They create a delicate balance between vibrancy and tranquility, making them ideal for expressing moments of quiet beauty and introspection in my work. The use of textures added depth and inviting viewers to explore the layers of the composition. Against a backdrop of serene pastel shades, the bold and vibrant flower hues emerged as a striking focal with the powerful allure of nature's blossoming beauty. My love for "Bloom" is like a deep affection for the unfolding beauty of life itself. In each stroke and shade, I find a reflection of nature's exquisite artistry and a reminder of the constant renewal and growth that surrounds us.

NOTE: The image shown is a close up image of the Painting. The 2nd image shows the full painting, with the following images showcasing closeups of the artwork, detailing the work done by the artist.

Painting is signed by the artist. 

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93 cm H x 33 cm W each canvas / Framed / YES - Dhs. 2,465.00
  • 93 cm H x 33 cm W each canvas / Framed / YES - Dhs. 2,465.00


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