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Rafah Abdulrazzak

This is an oil painting artwork. It has been done all with a palette knife except the face of the mother and the baby they are done by fine brush. I was inspired by this painting from my feeling as a mother when I saw my sister give birth to her child and how was the mixing of two feelings together. The feeling of pain and tired through her pregnancy journey and the feeling of happiness to see her baby in her arms. I choose a warm brown color background to evoke a sense of strength and reliability. It also gives the impression of solid, much like the earth, and it's a color often associated with resilience, dependability, security, and safety.

To give the impression Of serenity, stability, inspiration, and wisdom I colored the dress of the mother in blue and I add some texture to show light and shadow on the dress and to show the folds of it. Red is the color of extremes. It's the color of passionate love, violence, danger, anger, and adventure, I used it here to over the mother’s her and her baby with passion and love, Motherhood: All love begins and ends there." It might be physically impossible to count the ways a mother expresses her love Where loving warmth meets a teachable moment, that’s where you’ll find a mother, confidently wielding her superhuman ability to be everything you’ll ever need.

This is a fine art oil painting.

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