For the Love of Art

We at are all about art! We love art, and we're passionate about providing artists in the UAE a platform through which they can sell their art and share it with the world! We also believe in art as a way of life and so we teach a variety of different art classes for both kids and adults! Read on to find out more about and what we stand for as a hub for the local art community in the UAE.

A Platform for Local Artists

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If you are an artist, or an emerging artist, based in the UAE who wishes to sell your original creations, then is the place for you! We accept artists of all ages and styles. We currently have 150 artists from all over the UAE selling their creations on our platform. We accept all sorts of artistic mediums including paintings, sculptures, sketches, accessories, resin art pieces, home décor items and more!

We also help our Artezaar Artists participate in several major art exhibitions such as World Art Dubai and DIFC Art Nights. Indeed, we also host several of our own 3D online virtual art exhibitions on Each online exhibition we host has a different meaningful theme and each one showcases a variety of artworks by several of our very own Artezaar Artists.

Additionally, we regularly promote all of our artists and their artworks through our social network. Our goal is to help our artists share their creativity with the world and so we are constantly providing the best opportunities to them be it through exhibitions, art fairs, social media, etc. Click here the link below to register as an Artezaar Artist.

Art Helps our Mental Wellbeing

Buy artworks, home décor accessories and paintings online on Art Gallery Dubai

Apart from just being a fun way to explore your creativity, learning how to create art can actually benefit your mental health! Art has been shown to impact our brains in ways that positively affect our mood, creativity, and overall wellness. Art can help us relax and unwind after a stressful day at work or school. Regularly creating art can also help you improve your critical thinking and analytical skills.

In fact, a recent study out of Rutgers University showed a positive correlation between the frequency of artistic practice and improved cognitive function in older adults. Click the links below to read our blog post on the benefits of art for adults, or click here to read our blog post on the benefits of art for kids.

Support your Local Artists

We have all heard that supporting local businesses is important, but it's also important to support local artists. Supporting local artists means being part of a community that is culturally rich and vibrant—and it helps you get more out of life!

Buy artworks, home décor accessories and paintings online on Art Gallery Dubai

Naturally, by buying art from local artists, you are supporting the local economy. But there is more than just an economic benefit. There is also a socio-cultural benefit that a lot of people neglect to consider. Artists often draw upon their day-to-day experiences when it comes to looking for inspiration for their art. Therefore, local art is often a reflection of the local community. So local art really helps to foster a sense of unique community identity. Hence, anything you can do to support the local art community will contribute towards building up this unique identity. A lot of the times, artists use their creativity to tell stories that matter and highlight current issues around them, otherwise known as artistic activism. By supporting your local artists, you are helping bring attention to the stories and causes that are important to your local community.

You can support your local artists here in the UAE by browsing our extensive catalogue and purchasing an art piece to spruce up your own home or as a thoughtful gift for a friend! We have such a variety that there is bound to be something for everyone! Some of the art mediums we have available include acrylic paintings, oil paintings, watercolor paintings, ceramic pieces, resin art pieces, glass paintings, sketches, digital art prints, home décor items, accessories and more! When it comes to styles of art, once again you have a plethora of options including nature-inspired art, abstract art, UAE-inspired paintings, Arabic calligraphy paintings, dance-inspired paintings, music-inspired paintings, Indian-inspired paintings and way more! Click the link below to view our extensive collection of beautiful artworks.

Join team Artezaar!

Whether you would like to showcase your work on our platform or purchase stunning artwork from our website, we welcome you as a part of the growing Artezaar community! We welcome you to join forces with us in our mission to spread love through art, for the love of art!

Buy artworks, home décor accessories and paintings online on Art Gallery Dubai

Blog post written by Guest Blogger Shreya Alagramam 

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