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Akshita Makhija

March 26, 2019

A self - taught artist from an early age. An introvert but curious child surrounded by colors and nature. I grew up with a strong affinity to art dreaming and imaging world where colors can add the spark to live. Learning in a small institute back in India and understanding the colors made me imagine that a painting can also have a life, the way we perceive it. Each brush stroke is a landmark of the artist's sacrament to the creative force. Success, Failures, pain and happiness, tears, and laughter are captured on the canvas as evidence of the artist’s process. From painting on paper to canvas, from cloth to shoes and from sculptures to cakes, my intention is to explore the land of imagination and express what I see, feel the experience in my life on every level of awareness. I believe every canvas has a story and it’s just how one perceives it.

Akshita Makhija work