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Anabia Jamshed

March 26, 2019

Anabia Hassan Hamid Artezaar DubaiHaving grown up in a household where art/interiors were almost ‘second language’, I always looked towards embellishing interior as well as exterior spaces as a source of great comfort and gratification. However, it was only later on in life when I decided to pursue my passion as a degree that I realized how little I knew about it and how vast interior designing as a formal discipline is.

I just recently finished my masters degree (MA) in Interior Design from Staffordshire University UK, having previously completed a masters (MSc) in Management from Imperial College London and a Diploma in Professional Interior Design from National Design Academy, UK. During my masters course in interiors, last year, I took a very basic decoupage course in Abu Dhabi and thereafter built upon my skills by self teaching online; and subsequently started building up this collection on wooden/terracotta surfaces combining decoupage as a base, and using acrylic paints, wax pastes and mixed media such as 3D embellishments to complete the look, finally sealing it off with a thick layer of water proof varnish - so there is practically zero wear and tear.

I make trays, coasters, candle stands, trinket boxes, key hanging cabinets etc etc which are one of a kind, unique pieces customized according to the required theme.

Currently, I am part of the Ripe Market and have conducted a couple of exhibitions in Dubai as part of it. 

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